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AFL Live 3 Twitter leak: Wicked Witch are the developers
(08-15-2015, 12:07 AM)Ross Wrote:
(08-14-2015, 08:26 AM)the_one_1 Wrote: Or maybe they thought it was time to try something new for a change. You said that they made a number of crap AFL games. I said they were mobile games. Their first console game was the wii version which they ported onto next gen at the time so they have a backbone for the rest of the series. Is it too hard to handle that wicked witch just want to try something new.

The Wii game was a port of the mobile game, the PS3 etc was a port of the Wii game.

How is any of that trying "something new"?

PS: Not to mention copying our Academy but I'll take that imitation as flattery :p

They ported the wii version to ps3/xbox360. Given they didn't make games on proper consoles :p they created a backbone for the upcoming games. They tried something new from a base copy (AFL Wii). AFL Live 2 was AFL Wii as it was their own project now they are making their own project better. I seriously hope someone understands what I mean, there's bound to be someone who does.

Also I don't think they are using the same game engine as AFL Live 2, it would obviously be crap if they do. It seems wicked witch are using sidhes engine now while sidhe have moved to mobile games.

Let's just see. I have trust in wicked witch to create an awesome game given a next gen engine. If no real improvement are made, I will be extremely disappointed.

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