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AFL Live 3 Twitter leak: Wicked Witch are the developers
(08-03-2015, 05:05 PM)theaxe1606 Wrote: Rc3 is an exact copy of rc2, all tech taken from Sidhe and given to WW by tru blu (as owners of said tech). From the screenshots released WW have done very little to anything at all in terms of graphics, ui and hud (it may play amazing though). I feel for union and afl fans because I don't see anything amazing coming from the next batch of games. On the other hand, when Big Ant announced rll1 they stated it was a 5 game contract, so I can only imagine where that series will finish seeing we haven't got 3.

But might I just ask that if it is a direct copy of the sidhe version, how is Wicked Witch able to develop it on their game engine without changing much on it. It means they have updated their game engine even then... Have Wicked Witch made another game previous to Rugby Challenge 3 on next gen level game engine. No. This should give a hint onto how AFL Live 3 will possibly be as it is most likely to be a next gen game.

Also, graphically Rugby League Live 1 had crap graphics and wasn't up to scratch to a good PS3 standard game, but was still tolerable. AFL Live 2 to me is the same (not bad graphically, gameplay wasn't up to scratch but still tolerable) as it was the first AFL game developed by Wicked Witch on PS3 and XBOX360. Now given AFL Live 3 (if being developed, won't believe it until more information is released) is the second AFL Live game Wicked Witch are working on, it should be along the lines of Rugby League Live 2. If I am wrong, Wicked Witch are not the best choice for the series and AFL Live only then should be given back to Big Ant.

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