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Rugby World Cup Game/Rugby Challenge 3
What game is this again?
Rugby Challenge going to be worth getting? I mean will it have a good career mode in it or similar to RLL3?
Hmmmm. Videos on the toob suggest that RC3 is very similar to RC2 in gameplay! It looked like I was watching a match on RC2 until a try was scored and a graphic came up as RC3. has sevens and be a pro and gamehub....but not enough for me to purchase (not new but maybe when they end up as 'used' on the bay). Gonna stick with my RC2 cos it has The Lions tour. Each to their own.
Rugby Challenge 3 for the PC is out on Steam, but, from what I've read, it's not much of an upgrade from 2. No surprise, I suppose. And it's $50, which seems way over priced.
I'll wait till it comes down before I'll buy.
So I picked up RC3, played for an hour, took it out and went straight back to RLL3, BA are the definitive Aussie sport game developers, whether they'd want to my dream is seeing them building off don bradman, rll and adding rugby and reintroducing afl to their cycle is an amazing prospect seeing each title build off the last I.e improved visuals, new concepts like stadium builder etc, putting licensing aside ultimately the concept of the creation tools being universal so creations can be shared across not only platforms but titles themselves is awesome, having a created player go from league to union, to afl etc would be so cool

Building further if they grew to such an extent that they actually had the licence and capital to publish these games and you'd have a local game company juggernaut that makes great Aussie titles that proactively interact with their fan base

A man can dream

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