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Backwards Compatibility
With Xbox announcing that the Xbox One will be able to play 360 games will we be able to play Rugby League Live 2. They said game developers need to approve

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Why would you play RLL2 when have RLL3? Makes no sense mate
We still don't have a realease date for RLL3 and backwards compatibility was released today? It gives people something to do until it realeases
Surely it won't be as easy as flicking a switch and boom there it is, much rather the focus be on RLL3
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I believe backwards compatibility is the key to customers buying the new consoles, i wanna keep my old games instead of selling them on ebay and etc.

Abit off topic i hope someone can answer is... the 1 thing i can't understand is after paying our internet providers and so forth we have to pay to play online on the xbox / ps4 correct? If so, that's a huge downer for the lower financed gamers...
That and the tendency these days for forcing multiplayer online and money-grab DLC.

PS4 give away free games for those people on subscription so that's something... but play for free and having 4 mates in the same room playing the same game are better.
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Well, I for one would like to see RLL2 on Xbox One soon. Apparently it doesn't require much from the developer, as the reason you can't just pop in a disk and install it is mostly licensing issues, because the technology is there to do just that. I'm an Xbox preview member and the few 360 titles i've tried on my Xbox One have worked flawlessly. If Big Ant could sort out RLL2 being a supported title before RLL3 is out i'd be happy. I hate having to go back to my 360 just to play RLL2, as it's the only title on player on there. Anyway, this explains it all in much more detail:
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Thanks Joe for supporting it
I don't currently own an Xbox One, but I also would like to see RLL2 be approved for it.
I will probably be picking one up rather soon, and I have a massive library of 360 games, but RLL2 would have to be one of my favourites, or maybe my favourite sports game on the 360.
I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be approved, it'll make more people play it again if anything. No negatives at all imo.
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