Poll: Be a Pro Mode - In Depth or Simple?
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Be a Pro Mode - In Depth or Simple?
I prefer general improvements.
lol, i was waiting for someone to say that.
NBA 2k is terrible. Scripted storyline that's not good or fun. I prefer a mode like MLB Road to the Show any day.
Yeah it was a bit cheesy. The first time you get injured is scripted.
Really? Thats pretty bad. So no matter what you do you'll get injured at a certain time frame?
Yeah in 2k14
I played 2k14 on Xbox 360 so we didn't get the story mode in my player, just the normal one
Yeah story mode was only on next gen consoles
(06-14-2015, 10:29 PM)Grizzly Yeti Wrote: Yeah story mode was only on next gen consoles

Well thank god for that.
Even 2k15, you're forced into a situation where you're undrafted and have to sign a 10 day contract, then become a FA after one year. Man there's so much wrong with that mode, it's more a cheesy scripted movie than an actual be a pro mode. Options are limited, and whilst some people like it, I like a more individual aspect of a mode like this, where your play dictates your career rather than an overarching story. NBA 2k took out the D-League, Summer League and all that aspect for the storyline which ruins immersion.

It's why I bring up MLB The Show. I'm no baseball fan but this be a pro mode is an absolute blast. You have a showcase, get drafted and start off in the minor leagues. You can get traded any moment, you're not treated like a god, and often you have to wait for external opportunities such as injuries to advance in your organisation. Depending on how you play you can get stuck in the minors for your career if you're not good enough, or race to the top if you're dominating. Now it's obvously not perfect, but personally I'd prefer a mode like that. Imagine struggling in the under 20's and being sent to NSW Cup for a couple of years, working your way for a contract, maybe trying to showcase talents through internationals for minor countries, waiting for that big break. Or conversely, dominating the competition and being that gun 19 year old debutant that wills his team to the finals.

Wow, I'm getting way too excited for this mode.

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