Poll: Be a Pro Mode - In Depth or Simple?
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Be a Pro Mode - In Depth or Simple?
I think it would have to be simple. They will continue to build on it with each new sports game Big Ant makes
i asked and got told its really in depth
Would love to see it be in depth, although either way its going to be an amazing feature to the game! :Angel:
BA being BA, they'll want it as detailed as they can manage. The more detailed, the closer it gets to being a simulator and not an arcade style of game. Sidhe went down the whole generic path, while BA have not
In depth, like cut scenes between games and a story? that's highly unlikely, so i wouldn't get my hopes up for a 2k style Be a pro. A few more years and i think it'll be possible.
I'd like to see the grading system for each game, like in nba2k. i think its a great way to earn attribute points.

I haven't played DBC14, but have heard great things about it. Anyone here playing DBC14 atm? if so, do you have to earn attribute points to level up your player? or can you chuck in a maxed player?
Assuming it'll be like DBC lol
You start at age 16 in DBC and work your way up.
I second the NBA grading system. Every thing you do adds to that little bar and every mistake lessens it.

So of course a try would be a considerable boost whilst a fend might slightly raise it. Kicking a goal adds slightly whilst missing it lowers it.
+2 with the 2K grading system, I reckon its the best out of all be a pro sport games
Could have rep games be "Big games" in which the exp you earn at the end is doubled as well. NBA does that with rival match ups.
It's certainly not as simple as DBC and is a major step up from RLL2.

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