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State Of Origin 2 Discussion
(06-18-2015, 11:16 PM)roostersule2 Wrote:
(06-18-2015, 10:37 PM)SOR Wrote: The Immortals is a dumb idea. It should be just a straight Hall Of Fame every year with the true legends (Guys who would be labelled "immortals" currently) being the headline player. It could be apart of Grand Final weekend and you could have a formal ceremony, a dinner and you could feature tons of NRL players. It could be like the Dally M Awards. Channel Nine would probably air it as well.

Charge the fans 150 dollars a ticket (To weed out the idiots) and give the money to the Men Of League or other charities.
You're last comment is really stupid though, when will you learn that success does not equate to intelligence. That elitist mind set is why you're loathed on here.

The last comment wasn't referring to legitimately stupid people. The logic behind it is you're not going to have drunken idiots (Like the ones from last night who screamed about how much Gallen sucked during the minute silence) paying 150 dollars to yell at a formal event and quickly being ejected. You're going to have people who legitimately want to be there and will act sensible in those seats instead. If the tickets are lower (say fifty dollars) the likelihood of idiots turning up to the building drunk and screaming over speeches increases.

In my opinion, success is a mind set and doesn't come down to intelligence at all. Intelligence does help but there are a lot of people out there who have become successful based on determination and talent rather than being smart. Tom Cruise is a great example. One of the highest paid actors in the world but started his career without the ability to read a script due to dyslexia. He didn't have one of the most basic skills an actor needs due to issues with the brain but was still successful because he was determined to make it and is talented.

You can be the most intelligent person on earth but without that drive and without that mind set you're not going to be successful.
(06-19-2015, 12:43 AM)roostersule2 Wrote: I disagree people are a product of their environment. If they're in a stadium surrounded by drunk footy fans they're going to be loud and rowdy. If they're at a social event they would be more likely to he subdued.

The minute silence last night was disgraceful though, one of the worst I've ever seen. However like most NRL functions it should be invite only and a couple of tickets given away to the public as prizes.

Also Tom Cruise is a pleb.

I have gone to many stadiums for Football (soccer), Rugby League and even a Rugby Union match and I've never felt the need to get drunk and scream during a minutes silence. I know some people do get that way but you'd hope that 99% of spectators do not act this way.

With selling tickets to the public you could really help a lot of people. Lets say that you hire a 2000 seat theatre/hall for the event and 500 seats are reserved for players, staff, families, friends and other people who are involved in the game and individual players. You have 1500 seats to sell to the public at 150 dollars a pop. I'm not great at math but that's over 200,000 dollars that could go straight to the Men Of League. You then have merchandise (programs, t-shirts, dvd sales etc) which could also go to the Men Of League.

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