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State Of Origin 2 Discussion
I've tried both and they taste the same and very comparable Big Grin
Jacktigers and Camdogz make the NSW fans of this board look bad. We finally start to meet halfway in regards to the "NSW weren't a bad team QLD was just the best team ever" argument and we get "Danny Buderus is better than Cameron Smith". Of course jacktigers totally ignored my question of who should replace the three players that he said were shit and should never have played.

Hate Queensland and their players all you want but you have to admit that they have some of the best players ever. Smith is the best hooker I've ever seen as a 15 year follower of the sport and it's not even close.

A much better argument is whether or not Jarryd Hayne in his prime is better than Billy Slater. I say Hayne is better.
Slater goooonnnnneeeeee

Inglis to fullback in Game 3, Gagai to the right wing and Chambers to left centre
Slater is great with ball in hand but I think what sets him apart from any other fullbacks, Hayne and Inglis included, is all the stuff he does without the ball. He's positional play and organisation is second to none.
To be fair though you have to take into consideration that Slater has spent 10+ years with the Melbourne Storm who are one of the better teams in the league and for a time period were cheating the cap to have the best team around.

Jarryd Hayne was with the Eels who apart from a couple of years where they were "decent" were usually spooners or almost spooners. A host of poor rep coaches who all refused to play him in his preferred spot and still managed to dominate the Origin arena.

I think if Hayne got his start at say Manly, Bulldogs, Roosters or the Broncos he gets a narrow win over Slater.
I see what your saying SOR and you do have a point. Although I would like to point out tho that the Storm were not a heavyweight team when Slater started there. A lot of the Storms success is because of Slater. I may be biased because I'm a Queenslander who supports the storm but to me Hayne is overrated
Hayne is a freak, some of the things he could do on a football field out of absolutely nothing, all by himself, were just incredible.

Slater is amazing too, and had his moments, and was probably more consistently good. But Hayne's best is pretty much as good as it gets.

Absolute freak of a player. Hope he comes back one day.
Slater and Smith deserve a lot of credit for what the Storm has become, absolutely.

The way I see it as follows:

Slater: He's a guy who is having a good game most weeks without fail. He's going to be in your top 3 best players each week and it's incredibly rare that he has a bad game let alone a horrible one.

Hayne: Similar to Inglis. He can have bad games but when he's on he's the best player in the world and can single handedly win games with plodders around him. When he's off he's still good and won't put any foot wrong

So it depends what you want. If you're a gambler who can wait 75 minutes for some Jarryd Hayne brilliance to get you over the line then you go with Hayne. If you like to be able to rely on a player having a good game week after week then Slater should be your choice.

I would have liked to have seen what Jarryd Hayne could have done for NSW this year in State Of Origin especially in game 1. I think if he's there NSW win game 1.
I really think the NRL need a hall of fame. I don't like the immortals. There are plenty of guys that deserve to be in the hall of fame but won't get the recognition they deserve because of the immortals. A guy like Hayne won't be an immortal but should definitely be in the hall of fame. And when I say he won't be an immortal it's just because he left before he reached that potential.
The Immortals is a dumb idea. It should be just a straight Hall Of Fame every year with the true legends (Guys who would be labelled "immortals" currently) being the headline player. It could be apart of Grand Final weekend and you could have a formal ceremony, a dinner and you could feature tons of NRL players. It could be like the Dally M Awards. Channel Nine would probably air it as well.

Charge the fans 150 dollars a ticket (To weed out the idiots) and give the money to the Men Of League or other charities.

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