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(06-07-2015, 01:05 AM)SOR Wrote: I'm not too sure about the forwards but the back line is very strong and I personally rate Townsend. Hodkinson is good when he's "on" as well.

Yeah there's not a lot of value in free agency as far as front rowers are concerned. The back row is probably a little small as well. Of course, Cherry-Evans and Foran were available at the start of the season, but they've signed "contracts" now.
central queensland and perth.
I question how Perth would do in the NRL. I could see a huge struggle in regards to attracting decent players and think they would be a spoon team every year.

The Gold Coast is a nice place to live, clubs, things to do, good place for the family. Perth is generally a lot quieter and is boring. It's also an AFL area which would make it hard for a Perth team to gain momentum.

In regards to players you're not going to attract the likes of a Cameron Smith, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Isaac Luke or any other "big name" to Perth. You'd have a team with the same issues Canberra has where you'd be overpaying for slightly above average NRL players and probably paying 25-50% more for any representative players. All the juniors would be poached by Sydney clubs and Perth would struggle.

I'd like to see Perth in the competition but I don't think they're ever winning anything.
Who knows. They definitely bring in a crowd though.
Perth have their own juniors. They field a team in SG Ball. A fair few West Australian players have played in the NRL already.
Curtis Rona, Bronx Goodwin, Bryson Goodwin and Waqa Blake all WA juniors, some solid talent coming from the west.
(06-07-2015, 04:41 PM)Grizzly Yeti Wrote: Who knows. They definitely bring in a crowd though.

True, but that's for 1 game per year. I'm not sure how they would do with a permanent team.
IMO it would be better for a struggling team to play 3/4 home games over in Perth each year.
They've been in the competition before and I don't think their crowds were particularly low then.
I'm not too sure how their crowds were, but they only lasted 2-3 years didn't they. I'm a bit too young to know the whole Super League drama, but I think that was a cause for them leaving the comp.

2015 Rabbitohs vs Warriors 20,272
2014 Rabbithos vs Warriors 20,267
2013 Rabbitohs vs Warriors 20,221

Super League screwed quite a few teams over....

"Perth Reds (1997)[edit]

In 1997 the Reds became one of eight ARL teams to join the rival Super League during the dispute known as the Super League war. They changed their name to the Perth Reds for the 1997 Super League season,[1] and adopted a jersey of red, white and black. Although the club had made some promising signings, such as Rodney Howe and Robbie Kearns, the crushing $10 million debt that hung over the club (from having to pay the airfares for all visiting teams) at the end of the season led to Super League axing the Perth Reds on 1 October 1997."
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