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New Game for 2016
If you didnt see this already Big Ant confirmed to me on twitter that a 2016 cricket game is likely to happen (Didnt say anything about it being a Don Bradman based one)


What would you like to see that is different to DBC?
Next game release should really focus on visual improvements. Gameplay is really great for now.
Few changes in batting, bowling and fielding will be really appreciated. Improvement in AI will also make it more dynamic. A better camera system will also help in presenting the game naturally.

Will keep adding to this list.
Visual improvements?

Couldn't disagree more.


more grounds,

Ability to move around batting order, change teams after contract expires or for a new challenge,

press conferences (such as new state/team, big score or 10+ wickets in a match, talk about upcoming test, ODI's and T/20's but with this feature comes fan approval rating, being to cocky they will turn on u, be placid might get u some extra fans),

Day/Night test with Pink balls,

Updated stadiums (SCG looks old)

++Work on the bat/ball balance.
++ Whilst pace bowling is pretty much perfect in terms of what you can deliver, the AI needs to be more prone to defensive shots and leaves in test matches.
++ Not sure how it could be done but the main shot in a player vs AI match can't really be "back away past leg stump and swing wildly, as the ball hoops past off stump". At the moment the ball either cannons into the stumps or is going way over, the only time batsmen seem to miss is when the play down the wrong line (aggregiously too, leg glance to a ball way outside off) or swing wildly.
++ Caught and Bowled should be possible but a straight drive shouldn't be stopped by a bowler 9 times out of 10.
++Spin bowling needs some work, not enough turn, and perhaps too much drift.
++ Bat pad catches can happen but only awkwardly. Hopefully as the game engine improves we can get more subtle events like that.
++ perhaps the controller configuration could be tweaked. I feel it should be easier to leave the ball and harder to defend it.

+++More modding support for PC users
++ Hopefully the addition of the much awaited stadium builder
++ NO wasted budget on gimmicks like licences and commentators that could be spent on gameplay improvements.
++A graphical improvement would be welcomed and is expected. DBC is a beautiful game though, if you play it on more then an Xbox 360.

+++++ MUST MUST include injuries, retirements and dynamic changes to the overall player roster. As in, players must be fired, retired and new players must be created.
+++ Add another tier of promotion, at the moment we have State and Country. Make this more in depth by adding 3 or even 4 tiers to career mode. This would allow players to start the game at club level, move up to 1st grade, onto the Sheffield shield and finally country. This also works with the county system. The teams in these tiers don't have to be realistic out of the box, but allow the players to further customise their career mode. If bigant really wanted to go the extra mile, they could add in integration with sites like mycricket, allowing team lists to be imported to the game. From any level of competition.
+++ Specificallly for your career player, they should be able to be dropped, and move up or down the batting order accordingly.

This is all I can think of at the moment because frankly don Bradman cricket is an awesome game and such a good base to work off.
- Different Bowling styles
- More batting animations/styles
- Changes in selection is a must, the gameplay is awesome but playing against the same teams gets repetitive.

Thats all i can think of
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
Welcome news re 2016.

Things I'd like to see.
* more stadiums
* lower level of entry such as 'club' level in career mode.
* earning captaincy and the right of refusal.
* smarter AI fielder placement and less 'robot' fielding.
* more incisive commentary more about the game.
* getting the shield system correct re the final game.
* Commentary that Draws are wins??? Draws are draws.
* World cup in both 50 ODI"s and T20 competitions every four seasons.
* players aging as their career continues.
* to have selected teams prior to each game rather than the same 11 each game.
* ability of the Captain to select 12th man.
* ability to compile stats for teams the career player plays with
* displaying correctly when teams are all out (not 10 for 390, just 390)
* reducing to reality the amount of runs that number 9 to 11 batsman make consistently.
* Weather effects (Never had 1 washout)
* Wear and tear on the pitch, effects of four days play.

Probably more but that will do for now

Neil W
-a pitch marker should be included in the next game with toggle on\off
-a complete ipl, big bash, cpl, bpl edition with ability to buy and sell
-a coach mode just like Fifa's career (manager) mode would be great
(07-03-2015, 09:35 PM)Faraz Ahmed Wrote: -a pitch marker should be included in the next game with toggle on\off

I'm only going to explain this 1 more time, if only for Ross' sanity.

It is not technically possible for a pitch marker, the game (whether its the user or ai bowling) does not know where the ball is going until it has left the bowlers hand.

I personally would be extremely disappointed if BA went backwards after making such great improvements to the genre.
The pitch marker should stay dead in my opinion.

If you want a pitch marker, play in the nets or see if you can find a copy of Ashes Cricket 2013

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