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Pre-order Benefits?
(05-07-2015, 10:55 PM)SOR Wrote: Out of your list I dislike the following:

- Aussie Rules

- Lager

- Saying mate and g'day

- The names Sheila/Bruce

- Neighbours

- Kyle Minogue (Turned her back on the country for England)

Rugby league: originated in north England
AFL: originated in Melbourne, AustraliaUndecided
Doesn't matter. To me AFL is really boring and to be honest back when I followed it somewhat casually it'd always be a huge blowout score line. In the NRL a result of something like 20-12 isn't overly rare but in the AFL it's pretty common to see one team beat another team by 30.

Also what's the deal with the 1 point for having a try stuff? That's a really silly rule.

I love my country and I'm pretty patriotic but I'm not going to pretend to like something simply because it was invented here. We have the best Rugby League competition in the world here with the best players and the best staff. Rugby League is as much of an Australian sport as AFL is in my opinion.
Yeah, was just messin around. But yeah love NRL. Dont Watch AFL but I like the game.

But 30 points in aFL is only 5 goals, and you'll be surprised how many goals they can score in 2 minutes.

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