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Bargain/Lower league players
Well, I'm hoping that if the game comes out much later, that we'll get a roster update. Seems a bit stink if we only have a current roster for half a season (or less)

As a Warriors fan, if based on current roster I would...

look at releasing/moving on the following: Nathan Friend(retiring probably), Glen Fishiiahi, Sammy Rapira, Ngani Laumape, Ben Henry(all four injured too much), Sam Tomkins (leaving irl) Jono Wright (average), Tommy Leuluai and Dominique Peyroux.

Incoming, I'd like to nab the Nikorima brothers as replacements to Laumape and Leuluai (I'd imagine they would be slightly cheaper initially as well). Nathan Gardner to replace Fishiiahi(same money?), RTS to replace Tomkins(same money?) as in real life. I'd try and use Wright/Rapira/Peyroux and anything left over to sign Luke (if it happens) and James Roberts (to cover centre) and with Ben Henrys money, I'd look to get a big bopper, cheaper option Jack Buchanan.

I'm a HUGE fan of Taupau, and I'd would even consider flicking Hurrell to open up some cap space. However that'd be a more a dream move should the money be available.

My line up would be:


K Nikorima

J Nikorima
Warriors confirmed the signing of Isaac Luke. Warriors will be a big force in 2016 with a lot of Kiwi internationals and some Origin stars.
Callum Lancaster, Jack Logan should both be cheap and great pickups from Hull.
Lancaster is a player I liked the look of, needs to put a bit of bulk on though (Slightly related, does anyone know how Ben Crookes is going in Australia?)

No guarantee of quality but Kash Watkins (Kallums brother) and Aaron Jones Bishop (Ben Jones Bishops brother) both play at Oxford, as does Danny Allen who played a few first team games for Leeds
Don't think Ben Crooks has made an appearance for the Eels yet, may be wrong though. We should have never let him go, think he'll return to Hull in the next couple of years, and from what I've seen Crooks has bulked up quite a bit, which was his downfall.
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Crooks was a bit of a beanpole though, same kind of build as Hardaker when he first came to Leeds, Hardaker is solid now without being big, maybe that's what crooks should have aimed for.
Just had a quick browse through some recent NSW cup teams, here are some names that stood out, though I'm not sure how many are strictly lower league as some have probably got first team contracts.

Omar Slaimankhel: One time warriors flier who tried his hand at Union. Wyong Roos

Nesiasi Mataitonga: Tonga international fullback or winger who I remember being one of the better players in Londons relegation season last year. Currently at Newtown Jets.

Carlos Tuimavave: Warriors half loose hooker or centre, seems to be a lot of their all conquering NZ u20s sides didn't kick on really versatile currently in the knighsTs NSW cup team.

Keith Lulia: Cook Islands international, good quality super league centre, younger than i thought too. West side Tigers.

Daryl Millard: Good three quarter and emergency half. Burleigh Bears

Josh DrinkWater: another former London player, impressed me most with his kicking game and goal kicking Wests Tigers.

Mitch Williams: Young blue chip hooker who I've read some good stuff about. Good leader. Wyong

Taylor Welch: American international winger who also played once for Warrington. Townsville.

Neville Costigan. Do I need to say anything. Journeyman. Townsville
Crooks didn't get on with Radford, he left, all that the problem was imo.

Back on topic, Niall Evalds will be outstanding imo
It certainly did see, strange the way crooks left. Radford doesn't strike me as someone who would be great at man management and squad harmony etc.

Evalds certainly looks great so far, I do worry players like him and Theo Fages could be negatively effected by the circus that is Salford.
Crooks seemed to lose all of his confidence under Radford, didn't look the same player he did the previous year. I do hope we see him back at Hull under a different coach.
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