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Bargain/Lower league players
Tom humble he's rated 85 and in the Q cup he can play HKR HLF 5/8 CTR FBK AND LOCK
Danny Houghton at Hull FC is a very under-rated player I think. Very much in the Roby mould, but doesn't get the plaudits. Certainly better than McIlorum at Wigan who, in my opinion, is vastly over-rated and is a very dirty player, yet is somehow preferred to Houghton in the England squad.

Ray Nasso from London is another player who I think could bolster a squad. Not the most athletic but he is a clever hooker and an Italian international. Definitely would make good cover for the hooker position and possibly stand-off and loose in an injury crisis.

Another Leigh player who I rate is Andrew Dixon. He was at Saints and then Salford where he got pushed out due to salary cap restrictions and limited game time. He isn't top class but he works hard on attack and defence, misses very few tackles, has a decent pair of hands, isn't too slow and has covered back row, centre and even hooker. Played ever minute of every game in his first season at Salford.

I'm really surprised no Super League club came in for Danny Addy when Bradford were relegated. Probably best at loose but plays a lot of second row and has also played a lot at stand-off because of injuries. I just think he is a very good all round player with good utility value.
A guy who maybe some of our Australian members might not be aware of is widnes' joe mellor. This kid has got better and better and is a great support player with a good short kicking game. Definitely someone worth a look.
Any relation to former Souths centre Paul Mellor?
I don't think so, he's a former Wigan junior.
I don't know whether or not he'll be a bargain but Ryan James was really impressive for Country this Afternoon. I believe he had pretty good stats in RLL2 as well so fi you can get him on the cheap he might be worth a signing.
Valentine Holmes, George/Robert Jennings for me, I'm sure a number of the current jnr kangaroo players will be pretty handy and cheap in the first few yrs of your franchise.
Nafe Seluini! Awesome player should be in 1st grade
Luke Page he's a wreaking Ball for Mounties.
(05-07-2015, 01:49 PM)pure_brad Wrote: Luke Page he's a wreaking Ball for Mounties.

I'll admit I haven't seen him play for the Mounties, but for Papua New Guinea he played poorly.

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