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AFL Live 3 Information
(04-15-2015, 11:55 AM)Mootsy Wrote: Is there any new information about AFL Live 3?

^ Bump.
R.I.P Phillip Hughes
Would just like to say that bumping a post isn't very professional. An inactive post should be left to die.. oh no, I've just "inadvertently" done the same thing.

A question I would pose, would be... has anyone tried contacting the guys that did AFL Live 2 and asked them if they are making another? If they communicate with their audience they might give up some information, eg if they are doing it... or if they aren't / don't know then that can be taken as someone else might have a shot.
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Proffetionalismn isn't something often displayed on here except for the BA team ofcourse since we 'should' be off the clock, whoops me too now, poor forum etiquette, should have to play afl live 2 as punishment, I've heard good things Tongue

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