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What Be A Pro Position will you be? also what team for?
What position will you be in be a pro mode? What team/s will you be playing for? Nsw? Qld?
Indiigenous/NRL allstars
It depends how long a game will go for. If you are a prop do you play to the 20min point and come back on in the 50th min on the game clock if it's a 10min game?
Does the time you are off get simulated like in DBC?
If so you could be playing 4 minutes in total?

Who determines when you are subbed? Coach or player?

I am undecided as to where I would play.
Lock #13
Positions will be Fullback, Centre and Five eight. Starting at Broncos, QLD, IND Allstars and AUS.
Postions: Fullback, 5/8 and Lock (so I can get picked in the backline, Half and Forward in rep games Big Grin)

Broncos, QLD, AUS, NRL all stars
Hooker, Fullback, Lock

Bronces, Tonga (if WC is in it) otherwise QLD, Australia lol
Prop #8
Wigan Warriors
NRL All-stars ( If I'm good enough Wink )
I'd play at half back definitely, and start out at Hull F.C.
XBL Gamertag: viCompt (360 + One).
(03-12-2015, 03:01 AM)Joe Wrote: I'd play at half back definitely, and start out at Hull F.C.

That'll be a very short career mode Wink

Hull FC...where halfbacks come to die
More of a challenge isn't it, probably will end up at Wakey after a season Wink
XBL Gamertag: viCompt (360 + One).

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