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Rugby League Live 3 - Fighting In the game
i would like to see fighting but its no good on the reflection of the game to some people , but what if it could like have a old style of game play such as
- The old rules
- shoulder charge on
- fighting back in the days like State of origin and you wouldn't get sent off like now , throw a punch and out of the game
they should put fighting like a cut scene , if there's anyone that's played Rugby 08 or Rugby 06 you would see the player hitting the guy on the floor and teammates holding them back

The fights of cut scenes i like -
- Michael Jennings superman punch
- state of origins fights
- cut scenes where there's just grabbing each other and teammates holding them back
- Robbie Farrah vs Anthony Watts in the scrum
-third man in like Sam Thaiday

after a fight it should let their aggression kick in and see more hits , bump offs and make the game more interesting
and i know about the game rated low for more buyers , but it would be a really good features
Im ok for old rules , shoulder charge and a little for fight because that's good to make a fight ^^ but not good for the reputation of rugby league
Scuffles yes... Fights NO.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Fighting wouldn't be realistic for 2015, as fights have been replaced by everyone running in for no reason and having a hug like a bunch of big dopes. Cut scenes are also a pretty uninspired choice to implement such a thing as you would see every cut scene every match and then it would repeat and become really boring after a bunch of games.
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
That said, events like a high shot seem pretty hollow as you get the penalty and that's it. I wouldn't mind a few players coming in after a high shot (players in like a 5-10 m radius reacting to the event in the game) and a cutscene bit of a scuffle breaking out / scuffle breaking down as the Ref calls out the player in question and puts them on report...

It fills the missing link in the sequence. Manly vs Parra was a fine example of where an incident occurs, players test the stretchiness of each others jersey manufacturer and no punches are thrown. The next hit up or three should have a bit more biff in them (aggression levels would dictate who gets this "biff buff") and then the game should return to normal.

Eg. Jesse Sene-Lefao getting smashed when he found the defenders were more fired up than he was.

Fighting isn't needed in Rugby League (virtual) games... but like I've said many times before, there is room for showing / accentuating the feeling / emotion / atmosphere in a game.

If a Queensland player smashes a New South Wales player with a dubious tackle... it is not followed by a tea party and a penalty kick for touch. Certain teams don't like each other at the best of times and maybe it needs to be done on a rivalry level or maybe based on the importance of the game being played... but if a bit of variation is thrown in there, as in players that run in and penalty dished out (eg Ballin getting penalized for starting the scuffle as opposed to the tackler being charged)... it may become boring to some but if done so it only happens a couple of times in games that meet the requirements for the event to trigger, I think it would be an acceptable inclusion in the game.

I think there is a happy medium to be found.... but I doubt the NRL would be interested in even scuffles... they have an image to think of.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Maybe they could do it like "sims" does sex scenes. Smile
Maybe a little push and shove, a big fight may be a bit annoying because in NHL when I was playing it in EB-Games, my players started fighting which gave me less of a gameplay time.

Although this is a good idea.
Psh and shove like the fifa games, but nothing more.
I'd like to see everyone run in and just start pushing and shoving but actual fighting? No.
There's enough opportunity to add true spice and aggression to games. Downright fighting is ridiculous and over the top imo; there are far more important things to focus on, but the game should be filled with moments of tension and scuffles - like Ruck mentioned.
For it to be successful it would have to be smoothly implemented in quick and related cutscenes, and also in game when the action is happening - but never to the detriment of gameplay.
Stuff like the marker getting caught up in a bit of push an shove at & after the play the ball. Holding down penalties could extend to a bit of a grapple match with players coming in to cool it down in a linked cutscene. After you knock on and retain possession possibly a late cheap hit could result in a little man cuddle.
This would be a good opportunity to bring in some ref interaction and a possible other avenue to a sin bin.
It all counts in the end, however subtle, towards building immersion and live game day atmosphere.

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