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Rugby League Live 3 - Fighting In the game
No fighting in the game, the NRL will never allow it. Nor will Big Ant or Tru Blu if they want to target a G-General Rating.
Push and shove, don't forget to give them handbags [/align]
Fighting would be a terrible idea even for a physical sport like Rugby League.. The NRL have tried so hard to get the fighting out of the game.. Say you're a 12 year old kid, when a fight between your favorite player and some other player, whats to say the next day when you play your own game you wont try to be like your hero... The same type of thing could happen with the Game regarding children fighting in games, and outlining a bad image for Rugby League.
While I struggle whenever I pass by a folded up steel chair, I don't think there are many children that match your example. And those that are likely to throw a punch in a real game are they type that are going to throw a punch regardless.

The NRL are "trying" to make the game more PG but don't want to compromise the nature of the game... which is what most level headed fans want. A game where players show emotion / tension but don't throw a punch.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
It kinda made no sense when i said it :') im a referee however, going from the year before they introduced the no punch rule, i have noticed a massive decline on fighting, it does count.
Just as an aside, there are far worse things go on in a game of rugby league which cause just as much/more damage than an old fashioned dust up. This includes really bad high shots, twisting of limbs and that awful cannonball tackle wigan seem to be good at. Often times fights happen as a result of some of the above, and that I have no problem with.

Having said that, andIn terms of the game though I don't expect fighting in the same way I don't suspect a cannonball button (although I think EA's rugby games used to have a high tackle button) Some pushing/shoving cutscenes wouldn't go amiss though.
With Rugby World Cup 2011, the only thing i liked about it was i could constantly take people's heads off by pressing R1 and Triangle (Ps3), couldnt stop laughing when i'd spear tackle, clothes line or pick up and drop someone, its completely against the rules but it did make it fun, even though it disadvantaged me Tongue not really helping my original point that fighting is bad, just a side note Tongue
Yeah I never really understood why they had that button either. I suppose it fit the union mentality of sometimes its better to give a penalty away than make a tackle with no one to ruck the ball and then the other team gets a walk in.
Push n Shove would be great.. far as it needs to go
Yep, it pains me to say but FIFA does it well where a player will push and mouth off in a cutscene. It shows that the players are involved in the game and reacting to what is occurring.

Look at any penalty in the NRL (Super League)... a player will show their dislike or like for the call accordingly. If it's a high shot or something of the like... the captain at least will come forward and get in the refs ear. These little things if done right and not overdone add to the games atmosphere from a players perspective.

(04-01-2015, 02:31 PM)MGx Wrote: Push n Shove would be great.. far as it needs to go
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

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