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Has Bigant considered allowing female characters to be created in the game?

I'll speak for myself on this one and say the answer is because I love rugby league and the Jillaroos (though not paid as much) put their bodies on the line representing State and Country. I support them and hope to see them represented in the game somewhere in the future.

The NRL has many female fans, so why not open up the game to them. There are also a lot of girl gamers so why shouldn't they have the option to add themselves to the game?

You've put forward some teams so let's judge each of them on their merits.

The PM's XIII - Would be an interesting inclusion if the NRL career mode (in RLL3) had this option as an alternative if your team missed the finals. I guess it might be a nice little consolation prize. But all it is in reality is just an Australia A side that plays PNG. So yes, Big Ant should throw this in the game if it isn't a programming nightmare... Jersey + players from the 8 teams that missed the finals = muck around rep game. But if I may be picky... the PNGNRL is semi-professional at best, so we might have to reconsider the inclusion of PNG in a professional rugby league game.

The Philippines Tamaraws - is flawed thinking. The PNRL is an amateur rugby league competition (at best) and I'd be interested to know if they were still playing touch football. Outside of the Cabramatta International Nines they barely exist. The Jillaroos, while made up of "amateur" players, play All-Stars, Origin, Tests and Nines Rugby League. But suggesting the Tamaraws dismisses your opinion that women are not professional enough.

The Legends - would be a licensing nightmare as "professionals" and ex-footballers love their money (IMO). But either way Big Ant throw a legends logo into the game and the Fan Hub takes care of the rest for free.

The question instead should be why not.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
PNG National team play in professional tournaments against professional teams and feature many professional players. They definitely deserve inclusion.

Philippines is made up of a lot of professional players. Matt Srama, Kevin Gordon and a ton of guys signed to professional deals make up the side. Admittedly they haven't appeared in any major tournaments yet but they have a decent side that is just as good as the United States or Cook Islands who are in the game.

Legends perhaps would be a licensing nightmare but it might not be. I think a legends team or even a few legendary teams could be a huge selling point. Maybe you have the 1990's Brisbane Bronco's in there or the 2002 Roosters or the like. Regardless, SIDHE did this for Jonah Lomu Rugby in which they had a team of legends so Big Ant probably could also.

Regardless, I'm a hardcore league fan and I couldn't name you one Australian Rugby League player who is female. It's incredibly niche and I doubt anyone outside of this board would play as the chick teams.
So what you're saying is the level of the women's league(s) doesn't matter as long as they play in professional tournament. Therefore you're saying that Women's Rugby League is a professional sport deserving of being in a Rugby League game.

But you're also saying that Australia's World Cup winning Jillaroos aren't as important as an unranked mens team. Srama and Gordon have played for them ONCE and a ton of guys is pure exaggeration. Clearly they are nowhere near as good as 10th placed USA or 17th placed Cook Islands.

Australia P(hilippines) did a great job in 2012 of beating up on a Thailand team of part-timers who play amateur rugby union.

Legends.. once again.. Fan Hub.

Your lack of knowledge of women's Rugby League isn't shared by everybody. Your doubt is your right, but in no way reality... however, by your logic we should remove the "Forum Teams" as no one outside of this forum (and Facebook since half the teams are ring ins) would play as these teams.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
First of all your article is a pure contradiction. They played a professional game in which they were paid once. That's like suggesting that Joe Blow the local pub fighter should be involved in the next Fight Night game because he's a "professional fighter". The article says point blank the women are a bunch of mums, hairdressers, firewomen and police officers and not people who play professional Rugby League for a living whilst a lot of the Philippines players are. These girls are not even semi professional because semi professional players receive a small payment per game.

Off the top of my head in the last game you had Andrew Everingham, Kevin Gordon, Matt Srama and Shane Gray who were all NRL players who were able to represent the Philippines. Former Melbourne Storm Halfback Paul Sheedy plays for the Philippines and then you have others who have played or currently play Holden Cup or NSW Cup.

My point is that more people are likely to play as the Philippines because a few of their favourite Titans are in there compared to playing as an amateur team of mums, hairdressers and police women. I'm not even Filipino and I'd likely play as the Philippines simply because I respect what they're trying to do out there.
Not a contradiction at all. A professional sport is one where you get paid and they are now getting paid. Steve Folkes is also getting paid.

It point blank says "A mixture of mums, hairdressers, teachers, firefighters and police who will proudly wear the green and gold of Australia". But by your comprehension should we question any NRL player who is a father or holds a job outside of playing football? You are trying to validate your bias through assumption, outside of the rare NRL players that has turned out once for the Philippines, a lot of these "Philippines" players would have real jobs and shock horror, might have children. You have no proof that they are getting paid that I have seen.

Ex-NRL Player Andrew Everingham has also joined the one game club and Shane Gray (1 NRL game) and Paul Sheedy (2 NRL games) are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Your point is that you ASSUME people are more likely to play as the Philippines due to your gender bias and personal preference, their 2014 squad shows no sign of relevant Titans. I'm not even Female and I'd likely play as the Jillaroos simply because they are an Australian Team and I respect what they ARE doing out there. I know for a fact that there are friends and family of the Jillaroos players that would love to play the game as/with their favourite rugby league player(s), AND I know for a fact that there are female gamers who prefer to play as female characters.

“I think it is important that we really try to embrace and promote our women’s talent on the big stage,” Inglis said. “Women’s rugby league is a really important part of our game and we need to get the basics right so that we have got pathways for women and girls."

You're ridiculous comparison with "Joe Blow" would be valid if said local pub fights were acknowledged and promoted by the "governing body", they were making another Fight Night game and if Fight Night Champion didn't include Anthony Mundane.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Just because women don't get paid professionally doesn't make their competition any less valid. Technically players don't get paid to play for any representative team, regardless of gender or level of competition.

The Jillaroos, regardless of whether they are professionals or not are still representing the greatest game of all at the highest possible level that they can. Surely nobody can have the view that that doesn't matter?!

The potential of making the game more accessible is far greater through the introduction of women into the game, rather than adding Philippines teams, because (and I don't know if you've noticed this) women are everywhere! There are women players, referees, fans, spectators, pundits/hosts and are involved in countless other roles right at the top levels of rugby league.

Whilst these women previously mentioned may be mums, teachers, hairdressers etc, why should that make them any less of a rugby league player? The Championships in England aren't fully professional, should they not be in the game?

And like RuckNHell said, the real question isn't 'why should women be in the game', its 'why not?'
Instead of focusing on Ruck in all of this who is clearly upset and is making assumptions about me I'll instead focus on you.

You ask why not women in the game. Can you name 1 female player off the top of your head without the assistance of Google? Probably not. Have you yourself ever watched a professional game of women's rugby league? Again, probably not. Only if you were at the game between Australia and Samoa. Could you even name 1 side apart from the national team that play women's rugby league?

The idea here is to introduce a team of amateurs who nobody knows, create female models for them, implement at the very least about 50 women players (25 a squad) for a feature that most of the people who purchase the game would probably not use. You can call it gender biasedness or imply that I'm sexist all you like but at the end of the day the general rugby league public do not care about women's rugby league much like how FIFA doesn't introduce women's football to their games or how the NBA series don't introduce women's basketball to their games.

An incredibly niche feature to satisfy 3-4 people on this board and the families of the female national team would be silly. I doubt many women who are into league would want to play as a team of amateurs anyway.

Now, I understand the NRL has a female referee now. I'd be okay with one model of a female referee to be used in the game or in an award ceremony but teams? No.
In all honesty, no I couldn't name those things you were asking. (Can you name any Coventry Bears players without Googling?). Which is all the more reason to feature them in the game. Its free publicity for the women's game. Yes Big Ant would be adding a team of amateurs that for the most part nobody has heard of, but once they're in the game people will have heard of them. Its another way to help grow the game.

I haven't seen a professional game of women's rugby league, but I'd like to. (I have seen amateur women's games).

As for women's rugby league teams, I know of many amateur clubs in England that have women's teams. Off the top of my head I know there are several teams in Leigh and Wigan, several in Yorkshire, Cheshire and elsewhere in Lancashire. I also think the Royal Navy have a team.

I am myself a complete amateur player and I've never played even close to professionally. But I have played with and against former pros and players who have since turned pro, some of whom actually feature on RLL2 and wil be on RLL3. It is quite a fine line in some cases between amateur and pro, so I really don't think that playing as amateur players would be any less entertaining than playing as professionals.

Regarding female player models, Big Ant have already modelled cheerleaders for RLL2 so they're clearly capable of modelling women.

I want rugby league to grow and grow and grow. If everyone has the attitude that only the professional game matters then what will happen to our sport? Every single player is an amateur at some point. It might not be the case in Australia so much, simply because the NRL is much bigger than SL (in virtually every aspect), but small mindedness and a permanent focus on the professional game is going to destroy the sport. At the end of the day every single player starts off as an amateur. They might have got into the game because their parents took them to a match.

Imagine if rugby league was more accessible to women and more and more mums took their sons or daughters to rugby league games. Just imagine how many more fans and players the sport would have.

Like it or not rugby league is in competition with other sports. In England it is mostly rugby union and football. In Australia I imagine it is rugby union and Aussie rules. If we can get a strong women's game then that is another edge over rival sports.
kezie Apps, Man??ugh.. "player of the match" all-stars v indigenous all-stars game (also nsw state of origin if I remember correctly)

also without google.. Stephanie Hancock captain, mahaleya (sp?) murphy, who joins the jillaroos after a great showing in the all stars game..

honey bill Williams for the ferns.. ok not sure if that her name probably not.. but its what the commentators used

ask me name any warriors players without google.. I can think of 1

Also.. just because darn it!
Ea ufc was a step in the right direction for woman in sporting videogames, hopefully this improves both in their respective sequels (I.e female caf's and career mode) and sporting titles in the wider sense

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