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Troubleshooting/Bug Reporting
We have found a bug post release.

Pausing at the innings break (when the scorecard is being shown) can result in the game not being able to progress due to overlapping HUD.

The game does not crash, you can quit game/return to menu but cannot continue into the 2nd Innings.

Please take note and DO NOT Pause at the Innings Break Scorecard. We shall fix this.


Jojo (QA Big Ant)
Game crashing to desktop.
Situation: World tour vs USA (this is my first tour)
Match: 50 over game at the end of the tour (this is the only 50 over match I've played so I can't confirm whether this happens in other 50 over matches)
When: 10-15 overs into the match

My other issue is with the resolution but Ross confirmed this will be fixed in a future update.
Not sure if it's a bug or not , however none of my batsmen show their high score and for bowlers i took 5 wickets 3 times in 3 games by the same bowler, yet each game it said he only had 2 wickets.

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