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Best place for Squad roster updates?
I bought the PC version today and replaced the default teams with the recommended community squads when prompted after first starting up the game - but the squads are still very outdated.

What is the best place to find updated teams, especially with the World Cup boasting their best International ODI selections? Are there specific users (in the Cricket Academy submissions) that stand out with better contributions?
Wouldn't know, I just keep them up to date myself because it takes a few minutes to switch players around and it's what we had to do in games before multi platform sharing was around.
I was hoping for players with (more or less) up to date stats and current teams for the World Cup. With so many die-hard cricket fans, I assumed there would be a couple of uploaders that stand out above the rest.

I'm busy updating the South African team so that the starting XI is close enough to the current World Cup squad, with up-to-date stats and averages. I guess I'll make my way through the other squads over the next few days and upload them to the Academy as I go.
Check the planet cricket forums, most of the stuff comes from guys on there.

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