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RLL3 Focus Test (Get to play the game NOW!)
Anyone in Melbourne that has played RLL2 and has a few hours to help us define RLL3 as we enter the home stretch then please PM me.

You will need to be able to get to our offices in Southbank within the next ten days, you will need to be able to keep what you see strictly confidential.

Big Ant Studios store at
Damn, and I declined a small holiday to Melbourne with the wife over valentines (I hear One Direction are down there, I wanted to be as far away as possible :p)
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
I had a chance to go to the tennis with my fiancée and mum at the start of the Aussie Open.. I stupidly decided to stay home and work when I could have been playing the game. RAGE!!!
Damn if only your office was in south bank/Brisbane I would be knocking on your door wright
Damnnnn. anyway what do you mean by define it? Do you basically mean to make it less like rll2?
Damn, haven't been at my new job long enough to ask for a week off.
Must be close to the pointy end...
Yeah mate I only work at night so I'm up for this :-)
For all the lucky people that get to test out the game, would you mind placing more focus on the below gameplay features.

1. Does the attacking A.I have a full 360 degree movement and able to change direction depending on where the defence is? In RLL2, they were all programmed to run in straight line and had no ability to change direction regardless on where the defence was.

2. Does player stats have a big impact game? In RLL2, there was hardly any player individuality, props could throw 5 man cut out passes like Jonathon Thurston, players with low kicking stats could kick 40/20's like Cooper Cronk. No point playing with classic players when they all act like the same.

3. Are the Interceptions toned down? Is it still impossible to chase down a prop with a speedy player like Slater?

4. Are origin selections realistic and will it give us more players to choose from?

5. Does the AI play to the situation? For e.g if the A.I is down by 1 point in a grand final, will they do some creative plays or will they do nothing and just take the tackle like they do in RLL2.

6. Is the player size to field ratio good? This is just my personal opinion but I think RLL2 playing field was too cramped. If they widen up the field a bit more, it will be more fun and have more running rugby.

7. Are you able to edit a player without turning it into a custom team?

8. Has the kicking and catching been improved? Are the play makers always in position on the 5th tackle?

9. Is it possible to do a quick scoot from dummy half?

Thats all I can think of for now.


(02-11-2015, 01:44 PM)jacktigers Wrote: Damnnnn. anyway what do you mean by define it? Do you basically mean to make it less like rll2?

They mean to provide them feedback on the game so they can polish and fine tune it.
I want to take time off for this so badly but it's just not going to work for me Sad, awesome idea Ross what a great initiative

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