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Realistic list of stuff Everyone wants! ADMINS PLEASE READ
Other tracks

Port royal
Lincoln and much more
i think we need to be realistic in what we want. you dont want to flood the game with too many classes and tracks and down grade the quality.. WOO 2002 was a great game because it had 15 cars and stuff all tracks. but the racing was great... i would make the game sprint car & midget only... include the stars.. licencing with WOO could b difficult. include some all stars.. true 'outlaws'... aussie guys etc.. and just 20 tracks.. all the bigs ones.. make the racing real.. like R-factor.... thats what fans want.. people will pay $100 for a game if its real drivers and real tracks and real driving style...

- Steve Kinser
- Sammy Swindell
- Cody Darrah
- Dale Blaney
- Ed Lynch jr
- Randy Hannagan
- DOnny schatz
- Rico Abreu
- Brooke tatnell
- Garry Brazier
- Max Dumesny
- Brent Kaeding
- Danny Lasoski
- Terry McCarl

then for midgets get cars like the Keith Kunz team.... etc

include tracks like:
WIlliams Grove
Silver Dollar
Sydney Speedway
Warrnambool (Premier Speedway)
Western Springs
the CHilli bowl for midgets

i personally would prefer less tracks and drivers as long as the game handles real and its real tracks and drivers... even if the midgets were the sprint car skins without wings... it would look real.. Rant over!
You left Cedar Lake off that list of tracks and river cities speedway, cmon man!
We need dirt Super Late Models in order for me to buy it. And as far as the track builder, it needs to be as open as possible. Where we can do things like fine-tuning the length of the track, determining where the walls would be or if there were any walls, making grandstands either hillside or bleachers, choosing from different types of dirt to be used for the track, etc. And also you should make a paint tool like the WWE games, where we can draw decals and place them on our created cars, tracks, etc, recreating our local drivers, missing big name drivers, etc.

And with all this creation stuff, I would like there to be a community share feature, like the WWE games for wrestlers, arenas, etc, and EA Sports' NCAA (American) Football TeamBuilder and Roster Share. so that people can conveniently download drivers, tracks, etc, that other people have made, including fan-made versions of real tracks and drivers. I wouldn't mind if all of the Indiana tracks weren't made, but hopefully if you do this, people will make every Indiana dirt track, and people will download.

Another approach to the track creator is that we can stamp things around the track, like there would be several different bleachers, concession stands, press boxes, billboards, etc, and we can stamp as many or as few as we like around the track.

And then it would be AWESOME if you can make a Create-A-Division feature, where you can choose for the car to be stock-based 8-cylinder (Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Street Stocks, etc), stock-based 4-cylinder (Mini Stock, Stock 4, Hornets, etc), Motorcycle-engine-based (Legends, Dwarfs, Mini Sprints), or Sprint-Based (Sprint Car, Silver Crown, Midget, Wing, Non Wing). You will then get to choose from several appropriate body styles for the car (Sprint-based will obviously have Sprint/Midget/Silver Crown bodies), the width of the car, the width of each of the four tires, how much HP/Torque the engines can have, how many parts need to be stock, how many parts allow for racing parts, etc. And then to make the drivers for the class. You should be able to press a button that would auto-generate at least 20 drivers for your new division, with names from a name bank, etc, or, you would have the option to hand-make every driver from that division itself. Like if UMP Sportsman Super Stocks weren't included, I would create a division that had the body of a Dirt Late Model, but a little narrower, had several types of rear sails to choose from (some boxy, some smooth), made the tires as narrow as the IMCA/UMP-style modifieds, forced the front clip to be stock, and the engines to have about 500-600 HP, the car to be 2900 lbs with driver, and either auto-generated the division or created my Bloomington Speedway faves, and named the division "UMP Sportsman Super Stocks." Also, you should be able to toggle if spoilers are allowed, and which kind.

Now with the PC version, you know that moddability helps the longevity of a PC game. Just Look at NASCAR Heat and rFactor. You should make pretty much every aspect of the PC version of the game easily moddable, and you should allow us to import custom models (like .3DS and OBJ) into the game's native format, for cars, track surfaces or track objects.

And you said you'd make an XBox 360 version of this game, right? Cause I don't have an XBox One yet and won't get one for awhile.

Now onto the divisions (car types/classes) that I think should be included

410 Wing Sprints (obviously)

Super Late Models (The lack of them was why I didn't buy your WoO 2008 game for XBox 360)

410 Non Wing Sprints

IMCA/UMP Modifieds (I hope they don't have spoilers, because UMP just banned spoilers this year and IMCA never ran with them. But spoilers could be an option if the user were to create his/her own modified class)

Super Stocks/Sportsman (which are similar to the IMCA/UMP Modifieds, but have Late Model-style bodies, and weigh more)

It'd be okay if you'd have Northeast Big Block Modifieds/Sportsman/Pro Stocks, as well as 4-cylinder cars. But they're not much of my thing.

I'm not saying you have to put every division I mentioned in it, but, it would be good if you put the Create-A-Division mode in if you didn't put in some of these divisions.

And as far as vehicle handling, I would like to have a choice between, Arcade, Moderate, and Simulation handling, as well as setting up your car for all three modes. And good AI, which is one of rFactor's weak spots, since most dirt oval mods besides mine and DirtWorks Designs' are solely for online against other human players.

And I would like to give a big thanks to all you and the other Australian dirt racing game producer, Ratbag, have done for us American Dirt Oval race fans. I haven't gotten a chance to play any of your games, but I've played Ratbag's, and they're fun!
Be great to have in game real Sprintcar chassis brands:
Triple x (xXx)
Cool Chassis
Eagle (Motorsports) Chassis
J&J Chassis
Mach1 Chassis
Spike Chassis
Gf1 Chassis (Kasey Kahne Racing)
Art Chassis
Spike Chassis
Kpc Chassis
First of all I want to say that I'm very excited that there is finally a new dirt track game being developed. I have several ideas that I want to get out and share with everyone. I've had these ideas for a long time just building up in my head and couldn't do anything with them haha.

Everyone's ideas about the track editing and creating were awesome. We want to be able to edit very part of the tracks and have it be as realistic as possible. Being able to use mods will be essential to most of the customization for the game I do believe. I'm not gonna touch much on this though because I think everyone else kinda hit the nail on the head with it.

Some of my other ideas/wants for the game is official licensing for tracks, chassis, drivers and sponsorships for career modes and parts for the cars (engine builders like Mullins Race Engines, Jay Dickens etc..) as well as hoosier and american racer tires, bassett and aero wheels and so on... Basically just name brand parts to build the cars. I think that alone would put a really cool touch to the game.

I think it would be cool to choose between Lucas Oil and World of Outlaws series to compete in for the late models and a couple different Open wheel modified series like the Summer nationals hell tour and renegades of dirt series. I know there are other great ones but those just came to my head just now as examples.

I would like to see real chassis available for late models and modifieds. some of the ones i would like to see are Swartz extreme race cars, Shaw race cars, Impressive race cars, club 29 cars, bloomquist chassis, Longhorn chassis, Masterbuilt chassis, Rocket chassis, MB Customs, Harris race cars, Lightening chassis... There are a ton more i would like to see but those are some of my favorites.

I think it would be cool to have a career mode where you start out at the bottom driving bombers or "street stocks" and work your way up each season trying to save money and earn bigger sponsors and move on to modifiers and late models. It would be cool to be able to choose from several different hauling scenarios as well. Like in the beginning you just start with a flat trailer hauled by a 2500 series truck then you upgrade to a normal box trailer... then you start getting a bigger box trailer with a bigger hauler and eventually move onto the big rigs with a stacker trailer and load it up with two cars. Just something I've always thought would be cool. May be unrealistic but it would be awesome to do that and customize your trucks and trailers to some extent.

As far as car customization goes, I think it would be awesome to upload wraps/graphics of cars when creating your own cars. Or like someone said earlier be able download shared content from other users.

The driving mechanics will also be very important IMO. I think there should be an arcade setting for casual people that just want to race for fun and then a couple more settings for more hardcore people that want a more realistic experience. And of course car setup should definitely be implemented into the game for different difficulties.

In my eyes this game has unlimited potential, especially if they are reading and listening directly to what the fans of the community has to say. This is just some of the stuff i think would be cool for a dirt racing game. I plan to be active on this forum until the game is done. Looking forward to reading what everyone has to say as the company gives us more information....

And one last thing... ITS ABOUT TIME.
I guess i can live without my local track being in the game lol, but could it be possible to add street stocks to the game as well monte carlos etc,and how about being able to control the car under cautions i have not seen that capability since nascar 4 for pc, just my thoughts thank you..
(01-16-2015, 10:55 PM)Raffurty40 Wrote: I know this is a lot to ask but after hearing the possible plans of having Modifieds, Late Models, Wing and Non-Wing Sprint Cars a friend and I both that follow Dirt Racing closely have came up with a realistic list of tracks that are well known that run all 4 classes.

We know it's not possible to have everyone's local track so we made a list of more well known tracks in the US and some International tracks. We tried to keep the list short.

(Edited after hearing some other opinions)

Volusia Speedway Park
The Dirt Track at Las Vegas
Thunder Bowl Raceway in Tulare, CA
Silver Dollar Speedway
I-55 Federated Auto Parts Raceway
Eldora Speedway
Williams Groove Speedway
The Dirt Track at Charlotte
Kokomo Speedway
Knoxville Raceway
Huset's Speedway
Dodge City Raceway Park
Limaland Motorsports Park in lima, OH
Lernerville Speedway
Skagit Speedway
Deer Creek Speedway Spring Valley MN
Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri
Boone Speedway in Boone Iowa
Eagle Raceway
Bloomington Speedway
East Bay Raceway Park
Fulton Speedway

Extra Tracks - International Tracks
Tri State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind.*
34 Raceway Burlington, Iowa*
Attica Raceway Park*
Ohsweken Speedway Ohsweken, Ont.*
Calistoga Speedway*
Valvoline Raceway Granville NSW 2142, Australia*
Western Springs Speedway

A good career mode is really needed aswell!

I have made 2 other important post for the PC version that I will add to this post.

Good Steering Wheel support!
Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster seem to be the 3 most popular brands but it still seems that the Fanatec and Thrustmaster wheels don't get much support in games.

- Options to have all assist off so no built in assist in the physics.

- 900 degrees of rotation support.

- Stand alone pedal support. A must for most PC...

- Good Force Feedback.

- Simple calibration page to map all controls custom, so you can configure your own controls if there's not a preset.

Triple Screen Support on PC - Please!
Most games really warp the side screens, please look into having triple screen optimization.

The photos attached show optimized vs not.

Not - Optimized

(01-17-2015, 12:14 AM)Shocker0 Wrote: Ross said the game will have an in game track builder, so just make your own tracks. And this list includes 0 southern tracks in it (except for Charlotte), so it's not that great.

is this VLR_Shock?
love every thing you have done for the VLR and racing comunity.
(09-09-2015, 06:45 AM)DR6116 Wrote:
(01-17-2015, 12:14 AM)Shocker0 Wrote: Ross said the game will have an in game track builder, so just make your own tracks. And this list includes 0 southern tracks in it (except for Charlotte), so it's not that great.

is this VLR_Shock?
love every thing you have done for the VLR and racing comunity.

Yeah that's me, and no problem at all!
Check out our online dirt racing site at We will also communicate about the new Dirt Racing game from Big Ant! Let's make them glad they are making this game for everyone!
I hope everyone working on this game reads these longer posts. Great ideas! Coming from a racing family, not that successful but passionate non the less, you have to become a student of the sport. As many have said those that are working on the game need to be in the pits and stands to get the feel, smell and hear what goes on not only during a big event such as the Knoxville Nat'ls or IMCA Supernats but during a weekly event as well. Talk to everyone from the big dogs on the WoO or Lucas Late Model tour but the guy that tows his car 2 hrs on an open trailer pulled by an old chevy. Also getting a good product to show these bigger tours to get the licensing would be huge.
Bottom line i guess is to get the game/sim that people will stick with for years is bottom-to-top depth, ability for PC isers to not only create but EASILY share and implement user content! I used to be an avid Arma player but the mod implementation is frustrating. That aspect, supported by Big Ant and fed by the community would provide staying power.
I'm really excited and hope that there will be a community assisted dev process that i would pay anything to be a part of.

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