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BA black and red jersey VOTE
These are the two designs proposed for in-game use with the forum teams.

Please vote - YES these jerseys are great or NO use a different design

BA black:
[Image: xmk8k6.jpg]

BA red:
[Image: 20hu0y0.jpg]
Yes they are both awesome
The black needs to have a white V in the same way the Red has a red V so the ants things match up... do I make sense? lol
Makes sense, and I did have it that way but there was too much white, too much blending the wrong way, so the end result is as you see it.

As with the red, the main colour on the black one is, of course, black, so I didn't want to add too much white. I'm happy with how they've turned out.
It's the Virgo in me that just can't handle it. Damn OCD.
They look great mate.

I've mocked up some alternative logos, feel free to use them if you like'em. ( I can send them to you with transparent backgrounds if needed)

[Image: Big_Ant_Red_V_Black.png]
They're really good. Would go great on them Jerseys!
XBL Gamertag: viCompt (360 + One).
Great work! I think they'd look brilliant in-game. (Don't forget shorts and socks though Wink)
Dont like the eye on the black logo. How's it look if white?
Yeah, I had the same thought but wanted them to be opposites. The eyes for the black team logo look better if they are in the same black colour as the red team logo. I'll post it up when I get chance.

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