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RLL3 Ultimate Team
What do you think of an Ultimate Team game mode?
starting out with u20s rookies and building your way up to your dream team.
While I like ultimate team, I think the focus has to be on getting gameplay (which isn't far off) and career mode as good as it can be before trying something like this.

The other thing to take into account is there aren't millions of people who will buy this game. Ultimate team would be no fun if you were waiting ages for games and it was harder to buy/sell players
It woul be good!
I think ultimate team would keep players hooked into the game. This being because everyone loves playing as there favourite players and i think would work better with rugby league than soccer. Even if they construct the market system differently so that you just buy packs to get players or that kind of thing. Also adding players from other leagues such as super league even though it's probably the only one .
This would be MAD! something similar
Would this entail.....*shudders*......."micro transactions"?
They should make it so that you can't buy packs in game you have to go to the newsagent and but the NRL TRADERS cards and they can just crop the top right hand side of the card and add a circle and the circle can be bronze silver or gold depending on the player and put their rating in the circle or they could create a whole new type of card that can be used in ultimate team and they can make a code on the back of the packet and you type it in and it gives you all the players that you would of packed in real life and put it into the game.
Not a fan of either idea.. I like how Plants Vs. Zombies GW2 does it. Rack up in game currency from playing the game and then buy packs in game.

I hate my local Newsagents and Footy Cards are a rip-off... Why back when I was a kid.... mumble, mumble, mumble...
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