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FanHub Created Teams
Rugby Barbarians. Still working on the bench.

I.Folau (Aus), B.Habana (RSA), G.North (Wales) M.Fekitoa (NZL), N.Nadolo (Fiji)

J.Sexton (Ireland), Q.Cooper (Aus)

A.Mafi (Japan), F.Tanaka (Japan), S.Burgess (England)

M.Gorgodze (Georgia), S.B.Williams (NZL) R.McCaw (NZL)

[Image: MEDKaz9.gif]

Nadolo, McCaw, SBW and Burgess were already made, thanks to the original creators, they look awesome!
Has anyone created any teams from way, way back yet?

I'm thinking along the lines of Brian Bevan-era Warrington (late 1940s), Billy Batten's Hull (1920's), Huddersfield's Team of All Talents (1914-15)?

I'm sorely tempted to recreate all the rebel Northern Union clubs from 1895. Player likenesses might be tricky though.
(08-08-2015, 08:12 PM)pure_brad Wrote: Hi Everyone,

Currently I have uploaded the following International Teams: Cook Islands, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, Fiji, Jamaica, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Lebanon, Italy, Norway, France, Russia, Malta, Serbia, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, United States and Wales. Once you download them they will replace the unofficial team on disk so that the fake players will be replaced by the real players. Here's some Home jersey designs to look at excluding Samoa & Tonga, though if you go onto the FanHub you can see their jerseys. These are only the Home jersey, every team has at least two jerseys Home and Alternate, also have Wales 2000 World Cup jersey, 1977 Kumuls (PNG) jersey, Northern Irish & Republic of Ireland Kits for Ireland etc. Enjoy Smile

CREATOR ID: purebrad

Just to let you know I've used your upload and edited the players from the Netherlands. so they look more like the real players and shared it.

Creator ID: halloweenhead
(08-26-2015, 07:21 PM)NRLHalfback02 Wrote: I have uploaded ALL the 2016 NRL Teams on the FanHub ! Username: NRLHalfback02
How do swap them for the 2015 teams

Hi, I have downloaded all 2016 nrl teams and wondering how you swap them with 2015 teams?????
(09-07-2015, 01:39 PM)Steeler Wrote: Why don't they play as the British Lions any more?

They got rid of the Lions because by changing to England rather than GB they could access sport England funding.

I miss the GB team and league has not changed for the better of the last 15years

I have the PC version of the game and i do not understand how the hub works. How do i get kits and players?

nyone willing and able to help and idiot out ?

If I were to download all the teams from the Auckland domestic competition could I then create a league or career using those teams?
Haven't tried replacing a whole comp yet, but...

If you go FanHub - League - Create League, then you should be able to choose what competition you want and replace all the teams in it.

Then when starting a new career, on the second screen of the set-up (Leagues) highlight the comp you are replacing and scroll across to the league you made.

That should work. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Another question for everyone who has created teams. How do you assign ratings for players? I'm not talking about editing existing players, but brand new players for current teams. For example, if you were to create the teams of the French elite rugby league or Ireland's domestic league, how would you know what score to rate the players at? Thanks
Haven't done that myself Goalie... but if I was doing it I'd just copy stats from existing players... eg, find someone you think is of the same skill level and copy their attributes.

There is probably a quicker option though... Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

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