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Upcoming Games?
I want to start by saying I think you guys at Big Ant are awesome! As I am in the UK I haven't seen much of some of the games, but I have Don Bradman Cricket and it the only sports game I have played which has the quality of an EA game with the added bonus that you guys actually listen to the fans and care about what you produce.

Now to the point, since you managed to make a truly enjoyable cricket game I was hoping you were working on some other games, or had ideas to?

I have seen someone ask for a Tennis game which I like the idea of seeing what you have done with the cricket. And the stadium creator was something i was hoping for in the cricket to make a number of test grounds all over the world to use for tours.

But the main game I would love to see is Rugby Union!!! The Rugby League you guys do looks amazing and seems to have more depth and better graphics even than the upcoming Rugby 15. I've been wanting this for a while so had some ideas. Not many people seemed to want a manager mode in DB14 but I think a rugby game would suit one as well as the player career that is brilliant in DB14. The level of customisation you have makes the game much more endurable as you don't need to buy a new game every 12 months as you can just update rosters. If it was possible to do an "ultimate team" that would be incredible too.

So, love the work you guys are doing and just hope there is much more to come!

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