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Rugby union or rugby league?
i can't decide whether to go for a career in rugby union or rugby league. I have played rugby union all my life and have been to the gym constantly to get the physique i need. After a rugby union match a man who i am guessing was a rugby league scout told me i would be a great rugby league player and asked to talk to my dad. my dad told me that the man wanted me to trial with manchester.
I'm in no position to advise you towards either sport, I'm a huge league fan but in no way a player of either, And I'm guessing you're under 18? My only suggestion is if you're confident you can switch to league then there is no harm in at least going to a trial but, given union is your first choice if you're confident that there is an opportunity to progress further and chances will come then probably stay put.
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I played Union up until colts but gave it away due to work commitments, it's a regret I had all through my 20's and 30's, never did get back on the park for anything other than touch in later years.

It's hard to play League after Union, well at least that's what I found, just couldn't get accustomed to the flow of the game and there is something about the reliance on your mates around the rucks/mauls in Union that is very special but I played in the 70's/80's and loved it so much then. As a spectator I think unfortunately the game has moved on to being more about kicking than I like (and I was a kicker) and I do find that hard to watch, so maybe I'm a dinosaur and not a great judge Smile

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I found rugby was more fun to play than league although at school we could only ever play league at lunch time coz it was easier to self regulate - but I grew up in NZ where Rugby is religion. Back in my day NPC and the shield were the big domestic games and all black test matches were on another tier altogether. Playing college 1XV prem 1 in Wellington in the mid nineties was tough going for a skinny white kid. But My worst injury came playing league (broken arm). I have always wondered how I would have done playing AFL I rek if would have been a shit load easier TBH. When I walk my dog down at the park I will often see a teenage age game of Aussie rules and think these kids don't now what playing a hard game is. I find the most aggressive thing to be the mums on the sideline -- not sure what the rest of Australia is like but the most vocal and annoying fans of Aussie rules are females so bloody oka.
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