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Rugby League??
Whats the differance between legue and Union?? and can i just have some general info on it?
Trying to start a war? Smile

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Allow me to help... League is way better. Smile

But treating it as a legitimate question... Both games are similar with the main differences being.

1. Rugby League has 6 Tackles (where you play the ball between the legs after each tackle) before a Turnover in possession, Union has unlimited Tackles (where you proceed to kick the shit out of the ball-carrier till he releases the ball).

2. Rugby League has penalty conversions which give you a slight increase to the score, Union it seems to be the only way you score points.

3. Rugby League has a scrum (see point 4) when the ball goes into touch, Union has this strange ritual where you all stand in-line and randomly lift one of your teammates by his shorts or testicles in some sort of underwear checking right of passage.

4. Rugby League has scrums, which is where all the forwards huddle up and take a breather... contributing very little more than giving the ball a bit of shade for a second. Union has decided to make more use of the forwards here, making them both push... the Ref will say "Touch" and then "Set" which I believe is short for "Settle", as in Settle out what penalty this Scrum is going to end with. They took out the "Pause" evidently as this was confusing the Union boys as they seem to think this meant they should collapse the scrum and have a rest.

5. Rugby League has 13 players on the field, Union considering it is slower and boring has 15, with two extra players added to aid in conversation during the game and apparently keep players from fleeing the scrum.

6. Rugby League players are constantly being poached by Union, Union Players generally come to League cause they want a challenge.

7. Rugby League has heaps of legendary players, Union has just one who goes by the name of Wallace Cadwallader "Wal" Footrot.

8. Rugby League has Big Ant making their games, Rugby Union should have Big Ant making their games.

9. Rugby League is dominated by Australia, NZ suck and England are average, Union is dominated by NZ, Australia suck and England are average.

10. Rugby League is a great sport, Union is a good sport.

I think that covers it.... Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
^^^ if you grew up in Sydney or North English coal town.

If you grew up anywhere else in the world - rugby.

Problem with Aussies and rugby is - they grew up watching Aussies play rugby which is painful for any rugby fan to watch.

Ruck - you forgot to mention how good the amazing World Cup of rugby league is.

Difference between the two. On one hand you have one of the two founding football codes on the other you have a stripped back dumbed down version of one of the two founding football codes.
Big Ant please please please make Rugby Challenge. That's where the money is baby. Aim for release pre World Cup 2019.

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