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AFL Live -- Breaking Down the Stats
Been playing with the stats, and trying to work out what affects what, and what actually has a tangible impact. Getting tired of being bullied online by juiced teams, so trying to find some parity.

So here's what I can work out ...

Mark: Self-explanatory.

Mark Jostle: Self-explanatory.

Kick: Self-explanatory.

Kick Distance: Self-explanatory.

Handball: Self-explanatory.

Goal Kick, Goal Kick Banana, Set Shot, Set Shot Banana: Now I've been trying to work these out, and their impact on gameplay. They would seem self-explanatory, but I've dropped these stats down to their minimum (30), and they haven't seemed to impact players much, other than they might miss a couple of more. If you have good kicking stats in general, it seems to mitigate these stats being low. With the bananas, they seem to hook/slice greater, but you can compensate for them. So I'm wondering if these are actually that integral or if you can get around them?

Spoiling: Self-explanatory.

Tackle: Unsure whether a high stat here makes tackles liklier to be successful (legally and rewarded) or just whether they stick.

Agility: Unsure how this has any impact or what it does.

Acceleration: Self-explanatory.

Run Speed: Self-explanatory.

Endurance: Self-explanatory.

Recovery: I assume this is how long it takes players to recover after being tackled, bumped, spoiled, or after effecting a spoil.

Break Tackle: Self-explanatory, but a relatively useless stat. The fend-off is rarely useful -- even when successful, your player is usually incapacitated (going through the motion of breaking the tackle) and vulnerable to be tackled (which is usually what happens_.

Injury: Self-explanatory. Online, useless, since players never get injured.

Consistency: I'm struggling to work out what this does. Is it consistency in the execution of their skills? Or running to the right positions? Or is it really just required when simulating games? When you drop it to minimum, it has a big impact on your player's overall stat, but doesn't seem to affect actual gameplay.

Reaction time: How quickly the player reacts to the ball coming. It seems useful for defenders, but not so much for anybody else (and particularly forwards).

Decision making: Unsure whether this relates to the option they execute, or the likelihood that the option executes.

Ruck tap, Ruck punch: Self-explanatory.
A couple of questions.

How much does the overall stat (of a player) affect contests?

And what does 'Consistency' do?
So, I dropped Decision Making and Reaction Time to zero and didn't see any appreciable difference. Can anybody tell me what they do?
So nobody can tell me what they do?
I would say that many of these only make a difference when they are the AI controlled team but I couldn't say much more than that on the topic
Have really been trying to puzzle out the stats and see which have a direct bearing on the game and which many people online have manipulated and exploited for an unfair benefit. (Yes, that would mean I want an unfair benefit, too.)

Played for a while with 0 Decision Making and 0 Reaction Time, and couldn't see any major difference, other than possibly my players were slower to start to a contest.

Then upped those to 90, and put kicking and handballing down to 30, with a kick distance of 90 and, again, no major difference.

Much of the game is determined by statistical probability, which can be frustrating when it arbitrates a contest to its technical outcome, instead of it's logical (and 'in the spirit of the game') outcome. An example: ball's kicked long. Harry O'Brien is standing under it at CHB. The ball is falling right into his hands. I could mark this. But, because Drew Petrie is a metre behind him, O'Brien doesn't even attempt a mark. The ball goes through him. Petrie takes an improbable diving mark behind him. This wasn't a contest -- or shouldn't have been -- because the ball was going straight to one player. The only way the opponent could take it is if my player refused to compete, which he did.

I can only guess that happens because Petrie's marking stat negates O'Brien's marking stat, and incapacitates him from marking, which is unfair, because if the ball's going straight to him then the ball's going straight to him. It's not a contest. Will happen several times throughout a game.

Been also trying to work out which stat is responsible for the pause players execute when they're just about to pick up the ball, often surrendering prime position, and regularly surrendering the ball.

What I'd really like to work out is how some online are capable of long, sweeping handballs -- even when they're being tackled -- which hit direct targets, whilst at times my guys can't hit somebody a metre in front of them with the run of play.

Also, still trying to puzzle out 'Consistency'. Does it arbitrate consistency of execution in disposal? Or is it just totally pointless? I've dropped it and haven't seen any real difference, other than to a player's Overall stat.

Oh, and I would love to work out what the deal is with the ruck. Regularly get smashed with Jolly, as do a couple of friends who use him. Is it just timing? Or do certain stats prejudice his likelihood of winning?

I recall once playing a season and for some reason, the game put Alan Didak into the ruck, and he proceeded to win the tap outs. So don't know if Agility or something factors in.
(11-08-2012, 06:49 PM)Spur Wrote: Been also trying to work out which stat is responsible for the pause players execute when they're just about to pick up the ball, often surrendering prime position, and regularly surrendering the ball.
I've found this happens when you hold Triangle (as you do when running towards the ball).
I seem to be getting it less now that I only use Triangle to run towards it when I'm nowhere near the ball. I then release it a couple of steps early and just direct my player towards the ball with the left stick.

I'm not sure this is 100% correct, but see if that works for you.
Have tried that. Actually had players overrun the ball.
Is there any point to the 'Overall' stat? With the ruck-rovers, if you beef up their physical stats (e.g. into the 90s) but remove those other stats (e.g. Decision Making, Consistency) their Overall stat drops drastically.

Just wondered if a high Overall stat actually had any bearing on the game.
Anyone found out what 'Consistency' does yet?
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