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The Ruck
Something I'm missing here? Online, I'm smashed in the ruck time and time again. Or is it just my ruckman (Jolly) not being good enough?
The rucks not perfect by any means but I think something might be wrong if you can't win at all. Could be a connection problem or something. I'm terrible in the ruck but I don't think I have ever gone an entire game without winning. Some people are just really good at that sort of thing.

Might be a good idea to make different ways to contest in the next one. I know the bigger plays like to Shepard plays out of the contest while skinnier plays attempt to go more for the ball.
I win a handful. Stats are usually 20-5, or something like that. Don't know if people are just juicing up their ruckman.
I played this guy and never won a centre ruck. Played him twice. I play as Fremantle so I've got big Sandilands and he plays as Sydney. I really don't know what's going on. I was hosting the games in a private match too. I normally win the ruck most of the time. What might be causing this?
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People have told me it's purely timing. Don't know if there's a trick when to go, or even a visual cue.

I've tried juicing the ruck stat up to full, but doesn't help me.
its all in the timing you have to do it as the ball reaches its highest point
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