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Broken release date?
(04-03-2014, 07:59 AM)theaxe1606 Wrote: Sorry the here that CA, I know in the past the RL and RU titles haven't had any issues in NZ, sometimes even early, I could be wrong though since I don't live there. I hope you do get it today (I'm sorry) because it's THE BEST CRICKET GAME EVER and very solid sports game in general :p (I'm so so so sorry)

[Image: 0_sorry_homer_simpson.gif]

Some laughs like that help ease my pain. Sad Only just a little though.

I'm lucky that I'm one of those people who don't begrudge others having something early/on-time though. Quite pleased that some good dudes on here and PC have it and are enjoying it. Smile

haven't heard from Ruck in a while either, he must of turned his pc off lol.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
Oh, people still come here?

I'm with C A here (note I've added the spaces so there is no confusion between C A Iversen and Cricket Academy), I'm gameless with laughs easing the pain (although my laughs mainly come from Chunnsters existence, can you imagine when he gets the game... can you spell R-A-G-E?).

WoW comforted me last night... but soon you'll be mine DBC14... soon. Yes, the wait and WoW might not be helping my mental health, but I did get to read an interesting Selena Gomez conversation last night and anti-noob whinging.

I'm still here, just thought people might think me crazy if I sat here talking to myself. I'm crazy but I'm not Chunnster Crazy.... you know, spamming my delusional thoughts on Facebook and liking my own posts crazy. I'm just happy insane. Big Grin
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
I did have stick cricket to keep me going until tomorrow, but they released an update yesterday and now I feel it is easier.

I spent hours and hours on the toilet at work (non-consecutively) trying to beat Pakistan. They update the game/teams and I beat them, NZ and England first time. Feel cheated.

But I will have DBC to drive me crazy tomorrow by the sounds of it...

Nets are hard with my crappy gamepad which had the wrong directions mapped to the joysticks, so I haven't had much practise...
[Image: AVrxy6Y.png]
im loving it

ive won the T20 world cup on amateur - taken me a while to get the hang of controls, which are awesome. u gotto get the confidence up, and really focus on the pitch of the ball - once u can pick up the pitch early enough you can make some fantastic strokes.

after 9hrs of learning curve im still not ready to take on pro - spin bowling has me perplexed. the whole batting/bowling is soo different to what we have exeprienced historically. its brilliant
The nets were a hinderence for me, I think I may have been better starting from scratch because I was pretty cocky when it came to batting and it didn't end well Sad lol. I'm bowling well but my batting is woefull on pro in my career. The match practice is so much better for batting than the nets.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
Still not in stock yet at EB or anywhere else in town for that matter! I'm going mad, absolutely insane with this final hurdle which our NZ suppliers seem to have tripped over!!!!!!

Just grabbed the steelbook edition of DBC 14 for PS3 this morning at the EB Games in Melbourne Central...I'm pumped! Big Grin
The game is in my possession! Studying the booklet and wow looks completely in-depth and different to anything we've ever seen. Can't wait to get home n get stuck in. Will be brilliant bringing Andy Bichel outta retirement.

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