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Some teams up on CA...
Chucked up 'new' teams... spent ages on, but ready now if catch my drift Smile

**tip: Search deep and pick the 'best' teams until they are the highest 'rated' teams, as currently the two are not synonymous.**

Confused hi, I have spent aaaaages on cricket academy but only editing and creating and stuff... no pad for net play.... but have pre-ordered my ps3 copy through mightyape and am looking forward to it....

One huge issue though is the teams up the top seem to be teams that were either:
- Up early when not ready but got votes for being there
- Are done by people who have lots of friends playing online, thus younger, and perhaps not he best artists or most knowledgeable about cricket
- Have been voted on lazily as they appear 'first' due to the above aforementioned reasons...
- these teams frequently have poor bats, uniform set-ups, no stats for fielding or bat/bowl....

I have put up a number of teams in the last couple of days that I hope the relevant people will be pleased with, but as someone who is the only one of my friends who games and also older (which is a major advantage for creating the teams, certainly no hindrance), I have no idea how I get off 3 stars values for my teams when I have simply spent longer on the teams and valued accuracy and so forth? The other sides, largely, have a headstart by the 'virtue' of being less relevant and going up hurriedly.... or being mates of mates vites... 10 votes? when cannot find the teams is heaps! I fear the community won't find the diamonds in the rough... and I mean that for other creator's teams too.

And yes, some of my players are not complete originals, but major tweaks of already done players, but that is the point in my opinion... getting the best teams for the community. The notion of 'having one's name up in lights' is overrated and illusory.

Nevertheless the title looks superb. I am excited my copy seems to have been a permanent date on my pre-order page - march 27th - and I salute the attention to detail and heart that seems to be in the game. The last cricket game of ps3/xbox should be the best and it will be I reckon... top stuff 8-)

So, as a heads-up, especially if want these specific teams or sides you only have to make miniscule adjustments to IF you want certain things, I have made a few teams but the following are essentially finished (if not will do last update pre-release that you get to if have team when use the update option by the team): Black Caps (easier to search than NZ, so should find and can go 'same by creator' to get others once find this or any of these sides), England, Australia, Delhi Daredevils, Otago Volts, World XI, Southern Wolves (imagined SA, NZ, AUS side)... those sides all have the full crown/symbol/number 4 by them on my teams list, so they're ready to go more-or-less... cheers everyone and hope y'all have a copy and enjoy yourselves Big Grin I gave up online gaming as hate cheesing and stuff, but I am going to love offline and have tours ready to go and stuff... solid work Ross and game looks the goods. Watch out for Ross' googly! hehe

**I know long post... but only need to say once really.... and I never post, spam, argue.... cheers all**

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I'm getting some severe deja vu here... Regardless, perhaps we were too quick to dismiss said original point, perhaps worded better this time.

The problem with the stats is that we still do not know exactly how they will affect gameplay, and we do not have a standardised system for stats adding, so your stats may not be compatible with, for example, my county teams. I think this problem will sort itself out after a month or 2 of release.

Just one thing though, if I download your NZ team I will be renaming them from Black Caps. I cannot play a test match of England vs Black Caps.

I will check out your teams though, and perhaps we can be nicer to each other this time.
[Image: AVrxy6Y.png]
maybe admins of DBAcademy could maybe monitor the best ones as they think , and put them up top, IDK, but good point NZCricket Fan

At least we got the edited version.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
(03-08-2014, 05:00 PM)NZCricketfan Wrote: those sides all have the full crown/symbol/number 4 by them on my teams list, so they're ready to go more-or-less...

That doesn't mean those teams are more complete. That number is a reflection of the player ratings. 4 means you've probably over-rated a few too many players.
Sorry Munkey, but I think you're wasting your time being nice to him.

And I quote from the ramblings of a drama queen.

"Very sad and trying not to let affect me when did it for the community and spent nine months plus on... so I may pull the teams quickly after release once I have grabbed them from my ps3 menu... and then delete them. I know seems vindictive and it is, it is the only way I can punish those who think/thought I was talking crap or who didn't help vote, due to being left with awfu versions of most teams, no good IPL and so forth.... then and only then will they either go "Oh, we ruined our own game"."

Some poor lad got quite a spraying for daring to say that his David Warner wasn't that good. You and I and the Planet Cricket community all got an honourable mention. Big Grin


Was gonna leave it be, but going full retard over someone's opinion? People who visit the unofficial facebook pages can have his pathetic begs for votes... but I'm not going to let him come to our forums to do it.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Well said Ruck, completely uncalled for. One wonders if he'd talk like that to people in person - I'd highly doubt it! There's no place for people like that here.
Don't think he gets out much...
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Woo! We're famous!

'Oh, we ruined our own game!'

That is fucking brilliant. That sounds like a David Brent quote.

Ah well, fuck that guy then. First impressions proved correct again.

I never did look at his teams but meh, the first ones he uploaded were awful so screw it.

Found some more of, what I assume is his, ramblings.

Just been to his soundcloud too. Annoyingly his music is OK.

What I am finding very strange though, is that this appears to be a GROWN ASS MAN. What kind of strange mental problems must he have to act like a 12 year old spoiled child?

Also, to Ian, whoever you are, Yorkshire should be on the servers. I think at least 3 people have uploaded them!
[Image: AVrxy6Y.png]
Satisfyingly, his team ratings are getting hammered. I had to go back and check I hadn't been using any of his players or teams - fortunately not!

The work you guys have done is great.

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