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I hate to post in this thread, but we all know how forums work. If you don't post in a thread you don't like and post on another you do like and what you didn't like sinks to the bottom.

I tried that with one of Andrew's threads and ended up having a good conversation in that thread anyway.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
News is that we will find out just how bad England are when the Aussies tour SA :p

BTW my newspaper boy could play for England the way he manages to miss my driveway at every opportunity, talk about overthrows!

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(01-25-2014, 11:59 AM)Ross Wrote: News is that we will find out just how bad England are when the Aussies tour SA :p
I hope your right Ross I hold some very strong concerns for that brittle top order!

I also think that warner has a very small technical matter he seams to get himself into a little trouble when right handers bowl from around the wicket and cramp him up chest to waist height? could just be me
He does seem to get caught on his crease a lot when he's starting out. But I think your right about that problem he has when bowlers bowl short of a godd length. He plays that paddle pull thing down to square leg and he's been out a couple of times playing it. I personally think the Saffas will beat us due to our brittle batting order. The bowling attacks are equal, South Africa's quicks are probably slightly better but not by much but Australia has a much better spinner in Lyon than Tahir. It will probably be decided on the batsmen.
Get ready for a [email protected]%&ing broken arm!!!!!
We won a game now, jokes can stop. Only ever wanted to win one anyway, stupid babies game...
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Poor Cook still can't sleep, he's waiting for someone to take the win away from him.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

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