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I need a bit of off topic help
A good player no doubt. If he had played more games and taken more wickets he would be on my list. He'd be in the tenth XI for sure if I was making one. He played only 18 matches in his test career.
Whitewash for the Aussies!!!
(01-21-2014, 06:04 PM)Davew78 Wrote: Shane Bond?

yeah Shane bond was awesome, short career unfortunately but did enough to be right up there on this list.
Okay, after some deliberation, I've decided to replace Ben Hilfenhaus with Shane Bond in the 9th XI
Whitewash for the Aussies!!!
I didn't realise his career was quite that short I thought he'd played 25 or so maybe it's fair enough to leave him out then.
Going purely on wickets, no one below Hoggard has more wickets.

Update. Can't be buggered listing them all. You can check the list again if you want.
Whitewash for the Aussies!!!
Shane Bond and Brendon McCullum should definitely be there
Bond is already there but it's a pretty even fight between Hadds and McCullum. Maybe McCullum as he's played more test but their both pretty similar players. See what kerry says,
Get ready for a [email protected]%&ing broken arm!!!!!
You got Boucher in twice mate.

Also, Sangakarra is no way the second best keeper batsman. Hasn't kept in years. Quality batsman, not so great a keeper.

Boucher is number 2 for me.

Also, I would not pick Ntini in my second team. Steyn is miles better than Ntini.

Lots of subjectivity though, very interesting project, You're lucky your School lets you do such an awesome project!
[Image: AVrxy6Y.png]
These types of lists are never easy as I think especially with a sport like cricket, teams they played, eras and a lot various knicks and knacks affect what someone considers a great player. Obviously a few stand out (SRT, Lara, Ponting) its not an easy task by any means.
My Top 5:
1. Kevin Pietersen
2. Brendon McCullum
3. AB De Villiers
4. Virat Kohli
5. Michael Clarke
I'll deal with this when I get home sorry guys. I'm flying back to sydney tonight.
Whitewash for the Aussies!!!

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