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Don Bradman Cricket Academy V0.99.94b Beta is available
yea another CA update maybe this time I may be able to create my likeness unless any1 wants to volunteer?
If you get stuck.. I'd give it a bash.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Cheers ruck ill give it another go next ca update let ya know how I go
what features will be in the update
does this mean the game will be release soon
(12-23-2013, 11:58 PM)D1sruption Wrote: just played in the nets and tried the old bat from bowlers end view..........all I can say is thanks bigant I will now only play from behind the batsman, I cant believe that we played many cricket games from such a terrible angle, the fact that people requested this feature, gah! its horrid

Seems to be a bit of this said and fair enough for batting on it's own. Completely agree that it would function well. When playing multi-player with a friend locally, how well would people be able to bowl to the batsmans end view?

Multiplayer is the only reason to use that camera.

In future we will do split screen.

Big Ant Studios store at
makes alot of sense Ross kudos to big ant alot of thought into what you have been doing hoping for a good base to build a good franchise of successful games like FIFA ill support it all the way im a huge cricket nut!
(01-14-2014, 05:16 PM)Ross Wrote: Multiplayer is the only reason to use that camera.

In future we will do split screen.

Yeah I know in single player I'll be pretty much just using the default view. Split screen would be a great option to try for multi-player local games. Just hope there'd maybe be an option for broadcast too if possible. A lot of people either play cricket (default view) or watch cricket (broadcast view). Split screen might not show very much of anything other than the bowler and the batsman. Would it likely be horizontal or vertical split? Smile

It would be a choice of either, it's very difficult on PS3/X360 due to processor capacity.

Big Ant Studios store at
Maybe easier on next gen consoles for further versions im not sure cant decide if I want to get a next gen console or stick to the pc. Even now 8m still trying to decide on DBC14 for 360 or stick to the pc my only pro for console is the tv size........hmmmm I wonder what the wife would say if I hooked the big screen up to the pc

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