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Big Ant are making Lacrosse!
Crosse Studios are still working/thinking on it! Have a look here, and around May 25th on Indiegogo:
Help build the first-ever Lacrosse Video Game for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC! Grow the game!
(07-21-2014, 09:41 AM)RuckNHell Wrote: I'm happy to announce that we've reached our funding goal to build Lacrosse 15 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC! Now let's hit our stretch goal to build the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Today is your last chance to preorder Lacrosse 15 and be featured in the game as one of the players! Join the 1000+ backers who have pledged a preorder to help make the best Lacrosse Video Game ever! Only 17 hours left! Preorder now at

Thanks for your continued support!


Big Ant still involved in co-developing the game? Because the graphics don't look like they came from their engine like Lacrosse 14.
So Ross? What's about Lacrosse? Did you start the development? Thanks!
Is this game still in development?
I can't talk about Lacrosse at the moment. All I will say is that there was a successful campaign and there will be a game coming for sure. Sorry to be so cryptic but my hands are tied - it's not for me to make announcements on behalf of Crosse Studios.

Big Ant Studios store at
Thanks for the reply Ross.
From FB, College Lacrosse The Video Game: "We have two sick games in development. First, College Lacrosse 2014 for iOS and Android releasing this December. Secondly, Lacrosse 15 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC releasing 2015!"
Ross, are you and co still involved in the game development of Lacrosse 15?
We are. I will let you all know more when I can.

Big Ant Studios store at

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