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Interception: A Horror Story
Hello Admins and fellow gamers,

I have found that one of the easiest ways to score tries in RLL2 is to employ one of the oldest plays in the book, the draw and pass. The only problem with this method is that 4 out of 5 times, the player that catches the pass and scores the try is wearing a different colour to the intended recipient and usually about 3 metres behind.

My most recent memory of this interception plague is a game I played today where Anthony Quinn twice intercepted my pass inside the attacking 20 before burning Gerard Beale and Josh Hoffman like he was sonic the hedgehog. My only explanation for how this could have happened is that Anthony Quinn is some sort of jedi/hedgehog hybrid who used his force powers to change the trajectory the ball (surely deserving of a penalty) before unleashing his blistering hidden speed on my hapless broncos. Of course a more logical explanation would be that the game is programmed so that defending AI are given a huge advantage in situations when an intercept is inside of (or bordering on) the realm of possibility.

To get to the point, I would really like a patch to be released which fixes the intercept issues and reduces the frequency of intercepts to a more tolerable (and believable) level. I really like this game and really want to see the gameplay evolve and improve as the series progresses, so please do something about this.

Also if any one else out has had an experience with RLL2's passing system which felt more like visit from Freddy Krueger than playing a video game, please share your story and let BigAnt know what needs to be done.
I feel most of the intercept problems would be fixed if the short passing system is fixed.

For example, if you just tap the bumpers to pass either left or right, the game won't pass to the player next to you. In fact pass to the next available player who the game deems is running onto the pass.

If the short passing system passed to the player next to you, regardless of being offside or the pass being forward, the intercepts would be fixed IMO.
I agree about the short passing system (the amount of times I have passed the ball into touch when there is a player right next to me!!!) but I just focussed on how good the AI is at intercepting because I think that would probably be easier to patch.

But if there is no intention to patch the passing/intercepting for RLL2 then the major things I want fixed for RLL3 are:
- Passing system (as azsportza mentioned) and your support runners over running your passes.
- The AI's tendency and ability to intercept passes.
- Momentum in contact situations (when a tackle is made offensive player stops to quickly and fends result in minimal loss of speed). I think EA's rugby series did this very well.

But yeah please patch the passing or intercepting ASAP!
I've broken two controllers over this!

Sick of this happening so often its a joke and has resulted in multiple rage quits!

The other annoying thing is when a prop George Rose intercepts a pass and Jarryd Hayne cant run him down!

I'd ask Ross about this but he seems to not want to answer any questions as to what the recent patch actually fixed. Its all very hush hush!
(08-12-2013, 02:39 PM)stanchez47 Wrote: I'd ask Ross about this but he seems to not want to answer any questions as to what the recent patch actually fixed. Its all very hush hush!

From my recent torrid experiences with defenders apparently trained by Yoda I would say that the patch made it worse (even though I'm pretty sure it didn't, or wasn't meant to, do anything to the gameplay).

And yeah I need an option to put my fullback in defence position permanently to deal with all the breakaway George Roses.
I've had Thaiday outrun by Slater off an interception & score as he always seems to do against me. Realistically if Thaiday just got off the bench 60-70 mins in the game & Slater out of position (which should be a stat / trait) i would understand.

I have also broken part of my controller... They don't seem strong enough imo
They need to make it that players with high speed and acceleration, (wingers and fullbacks) who might get an intercept lose very little speed from sprinting up, taking the intercept and running off, but begin to drain away after 60m. The centres start to drain away a little after 50m, the halfback and five-eigth start to lose it around 40m and any forwards around the 30m mark.

All of that is not so much really dependant on player positions, but totally towards their speed and acceleration stats (the positions were just a guide to the typical speeds most players should have in various positions). If a really fast forward caught the ball it'd probably be not much different to a centre.

Of course the passing system needs a touch more refinement to prevent them a bit more, but only a bit. Human players do need to take some responsibility for where they throw the ball after all.

Most of the time players drop the ball trying to intercept. Which is even a tactic I've seen Hodges knock the ball down to stop the 2 on 1 scenario.
(08-16-2013, 06:14 PM)D86 Wrote: Most of the time players drop the ball trying to intercept. Which is even a tactic I've seen Hodges knock the ball down to stop the 2 on 1 scenario.

Are you saying that this is a tactic the game should employ, as it reads that they do already in the game? If you are suggesting it, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if that was implemented and there was a good chance of the AI doing it depending on where they came from etc.

Maybe even if you receive an intercept as a human player, they could use a relatively unused button (like triangle on PS3 - which on attack is showboat) and make it 'stabilise ball reception from intercept', so if you get an intercept, you have to reasonably quickly tap it to make your player properly secure the ball before they can hit top speed?

Sort've would fit into that situation you see when players go for an intercept and end up batting the ball up a bit to grab it.

Yeah just suggestions...

Like last night for example Jack Reed ran out of the line in the centers to intercept / knock down the ball to avoid an overlap creating a possible try... He apologized even though he saved 4 points.

Also last night watching Hayne knock the ball out of a Broncos hand at dummy half & causing a penalty or holding the ball when the attacking player is trying to get up & play it.

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