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All I really want out of Cricket 14 is for Big Ant to treat us properly.
Just a preface to this: I pre-ordered Ashes Cricket 13 within ten minutes of Amazon making it available. I want a solid, replayable cricket game more than GTA V this year. I went out and bought a PS2 just to play Cricket 2004 again.

505 Games proceeded to have delay after delay in putting that game out (it's about a month and a half overdue now), have written no explanation why, and I've since cancelled the pre-order because I believe that game is not going to come out. I have had to use Ashes Cricket 2009 to tide me over until something better comes along, and (in my opinion) it's a poor game with no depth.

The graphics to me in the teaser video are perfect, the gameplay is perfect and the experience could be everything that Ashes Cricket 13 is not going to be. It doesn't matter about that though, all I think any of us are after is trust. I've seen a lot of 'cancelled' projects recently, and far too many Kickstarter drives earn money and no traction, and I'm starting to lose faith in developers that aren't slave-driven by AAA publishers like EA and Activision. That pigeon-holes me in to playing a lot of shitty cookie-cutter DLC-spammed games though, and I don't want that.

Just, some transparency wouldn't go amiss. If something comes up with this game that delays it by two weeks/a month/a year, then tell us. The internet won't dogpile you if you miss a deadline, but it will lose loyalty to you if you're dishonest. 505 is on my blacklist of developers to never buy from ever again, and I know at least a handful of people IRL who are exactly the same way.
We know why AC13 was delayed, after they released their screen shots and then big ant released theirs 505 and trickster knew the game was terrible and pretty much scrapped it and started again. They did actually announce this on the planet cricket forums.
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I think the OP is jumping the gun a bit. No need to assume the worst. These guys have been pretty good responding (Ross seems like a really straight up guy) but at this time they are obviously working flat out to finish it f. Anyone who works project to project understands how many little loose ends need their time at the end of a project. He announced the in store preview so it is clearly coming soon, maybe mid November?

Patience is a virtue.
I read somewhere that it will be released in time for the Australian Summer
Big Ant have treated us very well and I trust Ross to announce the release date when he knows it's going to happen.

Big Ant are backing DBC14 themselves so that should be assurance enough that they are doing the best they can to make this game and get it out when it's best for the game. I'm more encouraged by this fact as they are not jumping to the beat of someone else's drum.

The internet WILL dog pile you if you miss a deadline, ask Mr Fegan about that, and the fact that the Premiere in November is going to have the full game, you can be pretty sure this game is close to popping. So if loyalty and trust is reliant on a release date, which seems to be the crux of this thread... then I'm glad I've still got Blind Faith to fall back on.

Ashes Cricket 13 burnt you... not Don Bradman Cricket 14. Smile
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Ruck, some people haven't been as fanatical about this game as the likes of you or I. Iver, victor and the likes can only plug it so much, we need to get people to the stalkerish level of attention with which this forum has been graced by your presence.
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Yeah Ruck, you've gained some super human stalking skills in the last several months. Ross and Co. have created a monster. Well done son.
If all anyone wants out of DBC14 is for the audience to be treated properly, then things are already off to a brilliant start. We are being treated properly.

We're informed, fairly regularly and we've been given tools to assist the game's realism in the Cricket Academy. Regular forum goers are in the game on disc in teams and previous cricket game consumer feedback in general has been listened to, very closely.

I think we'll have a massively solid foundation for a cricketing franchise in this and anyone who professes to be a cricket gaming fan and doesn't buy it or waits for bargain bin, is letting down the side.


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