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there were some big mistakes/things missing in previous game that really made afl 07 a good game the fact that when u would tackle within two seconds the whistle would go was so stupid and the amount of contests were horrible and ruined it and if you go and look at afl 07 look at season mode and how you could trade and do the draft and continue seasons please bring this back
Big Ant Aren't making AFLL2, it's kind of a mystery who the developer is. Either way AFLL2 does have a 15 year career mode but, as far as what it plays like it's an unknown, I'd assume not too different from AFLL. All inquiries need to be directed towards Tru Blu, find them here

And perhaps do your own research first.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
kind of a mystery who the developer i

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