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AFL Live 2 Announced
(07-09-2013, 07:15 PM)Slash Wrote:
(07-06-2013, 04:04 PM)RuckNHell Wrote: I'm actually annoyed at this, I was going to buy Big Ant's next AFL game simple because they (potentially) were doing it. Now I'm not so keen.

Was going to buy it as well based on their effort with RLL2. I thought BigAnt were the only PS3/Xbox developers left in Australia? very surprised HES are starting from square one with someone else. Don't tell me that Kiwi company are doing it.
Kiwi company wouldnt know what AFL is? Having said that Im not so sure they know what Union is- Shame.
Big Ant please please please make Rugby Challenge. That's where the money is baby. Aim for release pre World Cup 2019.
We're happy to be supporting Rugby League and Cricket, would love Union as well, and of course I am gutted that we are not doing AFL, but hey, you can't have everything.....

Big Ant Studios store at
Out of curiosity, does Big Ant have any intention (or are they allow in terms of licensing) to release updated lists and fixtures?
Stay tuned Smile

Big Ant Studios store at
Any chance of incorporating suggestions?
A small chance of making AFL Live 3 if AFL Live 2 doesn't sell well? Smile
Not criticising Big Ant, but it's really annoying when the game goes from one company to another, which means everybody just has to start over with it.

A company needs continuity with the game, so they can improve each version, remedy issues, and have that base (and those frame of references) upon which to build.
We tried... hard...

Big Ant Studios store at
Try again? Smile
All the time, never say never - love the sport too much Smile

Big Ant Studios store at

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