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Simple Improvements
Great start for big ant studios with AFL LIVE.
as a current WAFL player i have a huge group of mates including a few AFL players that enjoy the game massively and it is a weekend must!!

Just a few simple improvements that will take it to the next level.
- more statistics (every individuals marks kicks handballs etc can be seen when paused in a stats section.)
- Change the layout of team selection
- best camera angle is end to end either close , medium or dynamic, although when taken a mark the player should have the ability to move vision right to left to see both sides and options on ground
-career mode
-more variation in speed of players eg.( rucks vs smalls)
-and maybe just a greater variation in running patterns etc, game tactics to go man on man in the middle or ability to choose and midfielder at a ball up and have a automatic ruck and performance based on how good they are in ruck (AFL 2004)

AFL 2004 was the best before this game although 2004 did include individual stats and easy team selection whereas overall gameplay and graphics etc are better in AFL live of course.

Would love to be a tester for the new game as this is more a collective post from a large group of mates in order to make this game even better.

Thank you
-ability to do more than one season in the manager/coach mode
-make a mode where you can go through the draft camp and then get drafted so a full on player career
-make it less ball ups around the groun the last game had far to many ball up and well you laid a tackle was either instant free or ball up try make it flow more and more realistic
-ability to do nab cup then straight into season instead of having them seperate
-make finals and especially the grand final an actually big deal rather than it looking and feeling like any other match with a cup and streamers at the end have a build up add cut scenes of the build up of the week prier eg. the parade
-going to the browlow actually watching it and seeing medal presentation (ps brrowlow is not normally won by a player just cos he kicked alot of goals which was what happened last time it was very stupid)
-make us able to offer contracts and renew and add free agency and make the money offered and conditions on contracts in our hands so we can handle the salary cap ourselves offer players a pay cut to get another big name and such would be cool touch
Nice Post, I like it.

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