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Rugby League Manager?
Big Ant Team,

Playing International Cricket Captain the other day I was wondering if you would ever consider doing something similar for an NRL and possibly even a AFL management game?

I think if it was kept fairly simple like ICC is it would be pretty enjoyable, especially if it had official licences.

Just something that let you control:
- Finances
- Training
- Junior Development
- Recruiting
- Tactics

I know you don't develop games for smartphones and tablets but I think it would be great to play that sort of game on a tablet too. If not, just on PC would be awesome.
There is a Rugby League Manager game. It's updated to 2013 too, It's not in any way official but the closest thing you'll get to it at the minute. I think It's pretty good, and I think It has all the things available to control that you stated above. Here a link:
Fantasy leagues aside there isn't a current commercial game for league such as Football Manager etc for football (soccer).

Its unlkely you will see one produced becasue of the enourmous programming costs and leagues limited gaming market. The RL playing game was a simpler one to produce because they had the majority of work done for other games.

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