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new features
marking the marking should improve like more marks running back into the flight,diving marks ,chest marks,one handed marks and speckies
in big contest if players get knee or crunched in packs then they should stay down or
struggle to walk or serve injury or minor injury
speckies- there should be more speckies and variety of different ones like players that have a better leap than others should take better speckies there should jumper higher
drop punts
stab passes
banana - should be l1 and anlong stick
snap - should be a different button to the banana
the power and accuracy is better on the angle
soccer kick
tackling- the tackling should be better
have couples types of tackles like
arm pin tackle
normal tackle
aggressive tackle
reports umpires should report a player if they feel its foul play
the umpires should give more 50m penalites
reports like
front on conduct
sling tackle
rough conduct
injuries should be short term and long term
short term 1-8 long term 8-26
the injuries shouldnt be just knee explain wat it is and how long out for
some injuries should be minor and players need fitness test to play nxt week
knee- acl,mcl,pcl medial,lateral legiments and strains
foot,ankle,toe,achillies,broken leg,calf strain or tear
hamstring,groin,quad,corked thigh,hip,ribs,hand,wrist,thumb,finger,broken arm ,elbow ,shoulder,ac joint ,neck,eye socket,broken checkbone; jaw and broken nose and adductor and concussion
when you get injured if its serve trainer should ran out and see how bad it is if its bad then he should get stretchered of
have new rules
goal kicking u should have a choice to dribble along the ground through goals
there should be goal celerbrations
half time shows
rivarly coll vs ess
hertiage jumpers,special jumpers and clash jumpers
make the wind harder or easier
players should have choice to wear glove but in darwin there wear it
strapping should your choice if they player needs it
long sleeves should be in game and you pick if you wat them
there should be more tatoos
the game play should be faster
there should be different umpires like stricter ones and average umpires
tribual should tough on players who keep getting reported
more commantors 4-6 or more
rucking there shoild be 3rd man up
more tatics and game plans
before the game and highlights
strength and weaknesses of teams
there should be contestes and sometimes the forwards dont mark it

crowds teams have a big year
carerr mode should be in the game have tatics,game plan injuries tribual
staff contracts weather other leagues stats

bumping and shepharding should be easiee
there should aggressive button and if you use it and bump it could be a great bump or get your player high and reported
-ability to do more than one season in the manager/coach mode
-make a mode where you can go through the draft camp and then get drafted so a full on player career
-make it less ball ups around the groun the last game had far to many ball up and well you laid a tackle was either instant free or ball up try make it flow more and more realistic
-ability to do nab cup then straight into season instead of having them seperate
-make finals and especially the grand final an actually big deal rather than it looking and feeling like any other match with a cup and streamers at the end have a build up add cut scenes of the build up of the week prier eg. the parade
-going to the browlow actually watching it and seeing medal presentation (ps brrowlow is not normally won by a player just cos he kicked alot of goals which was what happened last time it was very stupid)
-make us able to offer contracts and renew and add free agency and make the money offered and conditions on contracts in our hands so we can handle the salary cap ourselves offer players a pay cut to get another big name and such would be cool touch

and if the season mode carries on so you do more than one then restarting so drafting and stuff can happen they should also bring back being reported and being able to take it to thr tribunal
and make a mode maybe for some people who want to have a feel on what it is like to own the club where they have to deal with every bit of the club deciding the coach and staff the players the mone and endorcment deals just some really diff stuff give some cool diff ideas

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