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(06-02-2013, 12:55 PM)SammiHaka Wrote: what happens when we edit a team do they stay normal or become a custom team?

and I CAN'T WAIT for the DLC do we nned xbox live to download or just normal internet?

i think any edits done = automatically a custom team. hope they allow us to edit real players positions as well, like have a primary position & secondary position.

you don't need xbox live gold to download the patch or dlc, but you need a silver account which is free. if you haven't signed up to xbox live you usually get 1 month free gold.
(06-01-2013, 05:05 PM)Bunnies_1 Wrote: Can the teams that have gambling Sponsers have a made up name on the front and back of the jersey? IE: Souths Sponser this year again is The Star, maybe Big Ant might be able to put something like "The Start" or "The Moon" or even "Big Ant" or something like that in the same design as the jersey instead of leaving it blank?

I imagine there would be licencing issues with that.
In career mode the other games should have realistic scores aswell instead of 9-2 etc
so does this mean that the rfl championships will be altered (14 team championship, 9 team championship 1 with gloucestershire, hemel and oxford), wyong and wests tigers in nsw cup (and no balmain or wests magpies). One question i have is franchise transfers... are they still end of year or can you sign mid year?
and is there anyway where players like elijah taylor and jayson bakuya who have already signed new contracts with new clubs for next year are listed at the start of the game as having signed with the real club and then move clubs after 2013?
I haven't played the game for a while but this may get me back into it (i had issues with the rosters being out of date and my created players never being selected for their clubs... after 2 years sbw had played like 1 game!)
Will be interesting to see how the Footy Factory has changed. No doubt once the DLC is release, there will be a major signing which will screw things up. June 30 still the deadline and no doubt we could see a player at a different club.

(06-01-2013, 08:59 PM)Ross Wrote: At a minimum I will get a list of the bug fixes that are in the free patch. Game changes that effect the general play are likely to be kept under wraps so as to stop potential exploits.

So there is going to be a free patch as well as a DLC released on June 19th?
Yep, free patch.

Big Ant Studios store at
Really hoping you can negotiate contracts with current and other club players during the season and not just at the end of the year. Being able to know all the other clubs new transfers and signings would be great as well
Ross another question for you. Not sure if you can answer it. But it's been raised as a concern by some, will the DLC remove the 2012 jerseys and replace them with the 2013 strips?
i also wonder when going up to the video ref, do the game refs say 'we have have a try' just check the grounding' lol
(06-03-2013, 01:12 AM)KnightsInStyle Wrote: i also wonder when going up to the video ref, do the game refs say 'we have have a try' just check the grounding' lol

I think that would be quite cool, but doubt that they managed to get Matt Cecchin to come and re-record some more audio for that – Although that would be a nice touch

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