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I hope they fix players kicking feet! Sutton and Goodwin both kick left footed yet in the game they kick right footed! Fail right there!

I think improvements hopefully are the intercepts again? Still quite high! U should be able to run to the line and pass without interception!!

Heres to hoping Women In League round in in the DCL!

Can the teams that have gambling Sponsers have a made up name on the front and back of the jersey? IE: Souths Sponser this year again is The Star, maybe Big Ant might be able to put something like "The Start" or "The Moon" or even "Big Ant" or something like that in the same design as the jersey instead of leaving it blank?

Make AI smarter! Im sick of my fullback collecting the ball near touch and running into touch! Annoys me to hell, it would happen in real life!
I'm assuming we won't get patch notes just like last time??
its a good sign to actually see a patch/dlc being released for a league game, seems like RLL2 sold and done well?
Wow this is really good news. Hope the new players are considerably rated. Will be great to see Sonny Bill Williams make his way into the game. A awesome addition would be if I started a new career mode after buying the DLC I would be able to select if I wanted to start in 2012 or 2013.
At a minimum I will get a list of the bug fixes that are in the free patch. Game changes that effect the general play are likely to be kept under wraps so as to stop potential exploits.

Big Ant Studios store at
Just a couple of minor changes I hope are in the DLC.

* addition of Wyong Roos to the NSW cup

* fixed player positions ( e.g. Inglis is listed as a centre in the game but should be a fullback)

* fixed player ratings (I find it criminal that Justin O'Neill has 76 acceleration and 80 speed yet he's the quickest player at the Storm. should be in the high 80's for both.)
Normally I don't buy DLC for any game but I'm going to buy this just to support Big Ant. RLL2 is the best league game available and the after release support has been amazing for a small company. An added bonus is I finish my uni exams on the 19th Smile

Great work guys!
Few Problems I See Wrong

1. When my Full Back/Wing is catching a kick near the side line its way to easy to run out.
2. There are way to many interceptions in a game, every time I try and hit the line and pass to make a play its intercepted.
3. Player ratings and positions need fixing.
4. My created player can never seem to make a rep side in career mode, not only that but there should be a group of 40 selected for Origin and then us as the coach should be able to narrow it down to 25 player like in all the other games.
5. Also when theres 2 to 3 different verisions of a player because there in NRL/Reserve Grade/Toyota Cup
6. Through season releases of players and signing hate doing it all at the end of the season/make it a 20 season career mode and make it work better with the clubs youth and reseve grade sides

Despite that being said i have enjoyed the game but there just my few suggestions that could take the game to a whole new level
Will Jacob Miller play for Hull on it?
is a back being on the bench when u edit a team gone now? and 80 minute players like backs havles, some hookers and some forwards stamina should last a lot better its annoying when a foward gets swapped for a halve or a back by the computer

is their WIL round jerseys?

Player Poistions need to be fixed! matt ryan doesn't player centre in real life gerad beale and GI are Fullbacks!

what happens when we edit a team do they stay normal or become a custom team?

and I CAN'T WAIT for the DLC do we nned xbox live to download or just normal internet?

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