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Rll3 Wishlist and Ideas
(03-11-2015, 08:26 PM)pure_brad Wrote:
(03-11-2015, 07:32 PM)benz1980i Wrote: In the Fifa games you can do trick moves with the ball.

It would be cool if in those coach trials someone of influence (star player or coach or immortal) would come to training and teach you something which would unlock it for your player in career. This could be a goose step, a inside outside dummy, a running one handed scoop from dummy half, a bananna kick facing one way and kicking the ball the other direction. Maybe a double step.
I am sure other people could throw in more ideas for career abilities you could unlock.

Yeah also could have specialties:

High Flyer (wins the ball in the air most of the time.)
Matthew Duffie, Daniel Tupou.
To get this trait need stats of Jumping 90+

Raging Bull (Can break multiple tackles)
Jason Taumalolo, Paul Gallen.
Strength 90+

Kicking King (he can kick the ball in areas of the field which others cant)
Cooper Cronk, Adam Reynolds.
Kick Accuracy 90+

Defensive Wall (rarely misses tackles)
Shaun Fensom.
Taclkling 90+

Finisher (10 metres out of the tryline he's is hard to stop from scoring).
: Manu Vatuvei, Akuila Uate.
Strength 90+ Break Tackle 90+ Acceleration 80+

And when your career player develops and if his stat or other players in career reach a certain stat say 90+ kicking accuracy they then get the trait of Kicking King.

Sounds good! Reminds me of nba2k15, this could be a possibility for future titles.
Auckland NRL 9s please although it may be hard to integrate. A minimum of x amount of top grade players but you can pick the make up of the rest. For e.g you could have the whole squad be made up of your NRL squad, or you could use the minimum NRL stars and use u20s players.

Mid season transfers, but maybe limit the engine so only a handful of teams do one in a season, in reality we see maybe half a dozen to 10 or so a season. Could be due to not being selected etc

Something I'd like to see, its more a like than an actual wish is a fantasy draft. Similar to the Madden games where every single player is up for grabs, teams go through and pick a player etc. No actual draft, as obviously the NRL/ESL don't do drafts but a fantasy option would be pretty mint. Again, I'd like to re-iterate that this is more a like to see than an actual wish. I wouldn't miss it if it never happened (in this and future ones) but it'd be cool.

I'd like to be able to play the NSW cup, and under 20's. How cool would it be to be able to sit down with a beer or two on a weekend or friday night or whatever (especially in the off-season) and play back to back games.

Unsure if this was on RLL 2, but in preseason, have the ability for the top team to play the NSW cup squad. I'd actually play as the NSW team in that scenario and see how my fringe players stack up

I think someone mentioned a more in-depth signing process, like conditions. Player x wants to be your first choice y position. Perhaps player x doesn't want to sign for you because your player y is really good. Eg Josh Hoffman wants to change his position to halfback (silly example) so if you're the Warriors with Shaun Johnson, you have virtually no chance of signing him barring paying overs.
I think it would be good to see actual effects rain has in a game.
I know this is near impossible at this stage but they could make it in the distant future life like. So it has been raining in the area (of the stadium) for the day (or even the week). The field is boggy. During the game it continues to rain and puddles develop can run and dive 5m out from the try line and slide over for a try!!!! Big Grin

Also the ball will stop suddenly when it hits a puddle (adds a tactical element for kicking in goal).

I like the idea of dynamic weather as has been announced.
I'd love to see slipping occasionally if it's pouring down rain, your stepping and sprinting lol
Yeah, and the ball becomes more slippery.
If you are slipping more you would change the way you play. Less stepping.
This weather would certainly affect gameplay and it wouldn't be too hard to add to the dynamic weather system Big Grin
I hope some sort of my team(like nba) or ultimate team game mode is in. I reckon that would increase sales seeing that's all fifa fans buy the FIFA games for. A variety of game modes will definitely hook me in.
there won't be any ultimate team in.
Weather would be cool actually. You have to change your tactics and instead of trying to gain points through the backs or via kicks you're basically giving it to the forwards for them to hit up and just kicking it as far down field as possible on the last hoping to force an error.

Also just a small note but the hookers last game weren't capable of doing much of anything unless they were really fast. This game I'd like more room for the hookers to move especially late in the game where you see a lot of hookers in real life start to break the line more and gain more metres up the middle. RLL2 your hooker would just get smashed 95% of the time unless it's Robbie Farah or Isaac Luke.
(03-13-2015, 11:15 AM)krypter Wrote: I'd love to see slipping occasionally if it's pouring down rain, your stepping and sprinting lol

Or just in general conditions if its James McManus.

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