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Rll3 Wishlist and Ideas
the team ratings
attack ,defence,kicking and overall
forwards,backs,halves and bench
teams should have weakness and strengths they should telling you what the opposition weakness and strengths are in franchise mode and compition mode
there should be more players weakness and strength
in franchise mode it should tell you what the weather is doing
in franchise mode you should sign players and do player contracts during the season
I have a cool idea if they make mid season signings, mid retirees and junk like that if they could make like a news page like of a made up website and it could show who's retiring who's resigning, make up rumors about players who are in talks with clubs so you could make a move for that player, players who have signed with other clubs. So pretty much the site zerotackle but a made up one in game I think this could be a very very cool feature
Also we need a proper salary cap lol
Ok, I love the game! And I love coming up with new ideas for it! I think there's a few adjustments (some over the top) that can be made to improve the game and expand the options. A few ideas I've come up with and others I've read off other posts which I thought were great ideas:

*Player likeness for UK Super League players (I know this would be difficult but man it would make playing Super League more fun, especially with so many recognisable faces over there from the NRL!)

*Being able to make custom jerseys in Team Creator straight from a Licensed jersey. Eg. Select jersey of Penrith Panthers and change colour from black to blue, whilst keeping all logos, same pattern and sponsors (if allowed) on it.

* Customise a Team Logo - select a badge type, an image to go on the badge ie. the bulldog off the Bulldogs' NRL logo, and places on the badge to type in your custom Club name and/or nickname.

* As mentioned in another post, in career mode, be able to call up players from Holden Cup and NSW Cup squads. Eg. St.George Illawarra can call up players from Dragons Under 20's and Illawarra Cutters into Firsts squad.
So basically you're in control of the entire club, not just the NRL/SL side.

* Agree with a previous post that players should have a Nationality and a Heritage, thus making them eligible for two nations. Example used was Michael Jennings, Nationality: Australia - Heritage: Tonga
This would mean that in Customise Teams, if I'm selecting players for NZ, I CANNOT choose Michael Jennings, but I can choose him for either Australia OR Tonga (he can't be in both at once).

* With that option, there needs to be a World Cup mode!! With all World Cup playing nations from the 2013 competition, as well as a handful of nations that nearly qualified, so you can choose who plays in the comp. Or, in Career Mode when its a World Cup year, different nations can qualify. ALL FULLY LICENSED! Eg. Lebanon, Canada
Should also be able to have the option (even if we have to unlock it) to play Kangaroo/Lions/Kiwi Tours of other nations. So a Lions Tour of Australia were you can play as England or Great Britain and play tour games against NRL clubs, NSW and/or QLD Cup sides, three Test match Series against Australia and maybe a one off Test against PNG. This could also allow all nations on the game to gain experience points and climb the World Rankings!

* More money in club's Salary Cap when in Career Mode, plus the $100,000 obtained from winning the Minor Premiership and a bonus for winning the Grand Final and World Club Challenge.

* Be able to play as/against Great Britain instead of just England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

* In career mode, have the ability to break current real world records. Eg. break Darren Lockyer's record for most Test matches for Australia, Hazem El Mazri's NRL point scoring record, Ken Irvine's most tries in first grade etc.

* In career mode, be able to change between clubs. Eg. Play as Brisbane for 2 years, swap to Canberra for a season, go to Burleigh Bears in QLD Cup for a season, go to a NSW Cup team for a season, then go the the UK for 3 years etc.

* Be able to view actual Players' Profiles. Eg. if I select Greg Bird, I could see age, height, weight, positions, actual (or actual plus game altered if in Career Mode) career statistics, rep honours and junior club.

* Be able to play CLASSIC MATCHES!! Replay the 1989 Grand Final between Canberra and Balmain, replay the 1999 GF between Melbourne and the Dragons, or the first State of Origin in 1980, or go back to the 1967 Preliminary Final between Canterbury and St. George which ended the Saints 11 year premiership run etc. etc...
They don't have to have full player likeness but be close enough and even be able to play under the rules of the day (like unlimited tackles, the Four Tackle Rule, field goals worth 2 points and tries worth 3 points etc.) and the jerseys they played in!!
I would like to see a brand new "7" tackle feature for the Sharks when they are in the finals. It would add so much realism to the game!
NSW will actually win in 2014, right?
(09-20-2013, 11:05 PM)SuperSteve16 Wrote: I would like to see a brand new "7" tackle feature for the Sharks when they are in the finals. It would add so much realism to the game!

They should just patch a toggle straight into the start menu Tongue
I missed that game & that's all I've heard about all week. Mostly upset fans of course.
you should pick your leadership group captain,2 vic cap
best players play well in big games
there should be more freakish tries like mid air collisions on the try line
there should be try saving tackles
(09-20-2013, 11:05 PM)SuperSteve16 Wrote: I would like to see a brand new "7" tackle feature for the Sharks when they are in the finals. It would add so much realism to the game!

Dont forget the Burgess squirrel grip....or the Rabbits academy award winning dives. LOOK OUT, SNIPER ON THE ROOF!!!!!!!!
Tackling big forwards like Sam kasino and Sam burgess needs at least 3-4 tacklers even sometimes 5
Big forwards have min 3-6 tacklers
Other forwards have 2-4 tacklers
Backs 1-4 tacklers
There should be lots of gang tackles
Make the game harder without having AI cheat.
Currently playing highest setting, I'm using the Sharks junior team and I'm running third after round 20.
I should be getting lapped but instead the only tries the opposition score are from intercepts or bombs.

This is from another website, not sure if Sean7 comes here or has already posted but he sums EVERYTHING up perfect with this list.....Thanks Sean7.

I think the game feels exactly the same after the patch. Still absolutely no consistency in anything that happens.

The game just decides you will miss a lot of tackles sometimes (players rated in the high 90s for tackling missing more than they make).

Your support players will will not move up with your player.

Your support players will always be in front of you.

You'll run up 50 points on the league's best defense.

The team coming last will be the best team you play all season.

You'll put in a grubber near the line, but a prop will bend down, pick it up and race the length of the field for a try. Luke Bailey, I salute you. Left Jarryd Hayne and the rest of the team in his dust.

Simple knock on - length of the field try

Try to pass to the guy next to you, but game decides that's not going to happen, cuts him out and a length of the field try intercept for the cpu.

My opponent passes the ball directly to me, but I just knock it down and it's 6 again for them. Would definitely be an intercept for the cpu, they don't even have to get to the ball for their intercepts.

I will make 27 line breaks to 7, but miss 3 times as many tackles. Work that one out.

Attacking on the line, pass to play maker results in an intercept too often. I've started running backwards near the line now to give myself space.

Teammates don't chase long kicks properly, even when kick formation is chosen.

5 seasons in now and the cpu is still yet to miss a conversion.

I've won 4 Grand Finals in a row now, each by around 30 points. They've been some of my easiest games.

Cpu still has no idea how to score apart from intercepts, loose balls and kicks (my kicks).

Had a few tries awarded by the video ref where I've been clearly a metre short of the line.

Players still get picked up by defenders when diving for a try.

Cpu still has it's slow motion dive super move that can't be defended.

Made 500 less tackles than any team last season, but made 300 more 1v1 tackles than any other team.

Players rated 99 for speed get run down too easily. Not all the time, just randomly and nothing to do with fatigue.

No difference between good and bad teams, as individual ratings don't seem to matter much for the cpu.

Still no physics. Scripted tackles that often have no relation to the direction a player is running.

Player ratings are all over the place. Hayne and Sandow are pretty much rated the same for tackling!

Even when winning by 50, I still feel the urge to throw the controller through the screen.

Even though it frustrates the hell out of me, I continue to play it because it's Rugby League and I continue to write long boring lists of problems I have with it.

All of this is from playing on the hardest difficulty.

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