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Rll3 Wishlist and Ideas
I would love to see plays in attack which could be activated with the directional buttons. With this feature you should be able to set up your own plays.

When setting up plays you should be able to determine the starting positions of players there path that they will follow and there finishing location, along with that you should be able to state what speed a player runs at and what time they start running so they dont over run the ball player.

You should be able to train these moves on a empty field so you can perfect the timing of your passes and if you want to you should be able to have a training game in which you verse the u/20's so you can perfect your play under pressure. this would allow for a real ownership over your team.

You should be able to get signed by other clubs and take over coachin and when you start coaching a new team your old team may still use some of your old plays.

on top of this there should be a player career mode where you play as 1 player and move up thru the u/20's to nrl and then become a representative player. when in this mode you should be able to choose a daily training session and focuse on certain aspects of your game for a certain amount of time e.g. if your a fullback you may work on your catch high ball skills for 2 and a half hours on Monday but only 1 hour all other days on top of this if you dont include certain aspects in your training they will deteriorate e.g. if your a winger you need to work on leg resistance to keep up there speed and fitness.

As well when playing on the player career mode you need to train with your team to learn plays your coach has put in place. e.g. learning if your a decoy or knowing how to time and angle your run.

Let me know what you think.
the ball is already greatly effected by the wind what are yous all talking about making the wind effect the ball cause it already dose.
Don't worry about Andrew, I don't think he's played the game.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
Surprised more ideas havent come flying in :-P

1 idea I've been sitting on for sometime now... What about 2 different franchise / career modes
1) a coach / trainer - be behind the scenes on the training ground during the weeks preparing players for games before & during & after. Being on the sidelines assisting those players who "take a dive" or milking & so forth... Train & grow players in specific roles.

2) Manager - standard career mode but being contracted to teams with expectations and goals to keep your job. Managing teams from U20s, NSW /QLD cups, NRL & etc...
i thought of few more ideas about what could be in the rugby league live 3
set ups and tatics,like attacking set ups from scrums or penalities, defensive tatics scramb defence and kicking tatics like kicking early and chase the ball and tackle the backs in their half

will there be suspensions ,injuries and mid season transfers in compition mode.I think there should be suspensions in compition mode

You should pick your own rep teams in compition mode and franchise mode and pick it on form and reputation

there should should be awards like best rookie player and team of the year in career mode and compition mode

there should be blocking or even tackling the player in the air
Have the option to see other team’s lineups in comp/career menus and to see who is injured and suspended in other teams.

I also like to see players have their correct positions marked instead of just – Fullback, Wing, Centre, Five Eighth, Halfback, Front Row, Hooker, Second Row, Lock.

Something like this –

1. FBK
2. RWG
3. RCT
4. LCT
5. LWG
6. 5/8
7. 1/2
8. PRP
9. HKR
10. FRF
11. SR1
12. SR2
13. LCK
have more extended benches in compition modes and franchise mode
in compition mode their should strict on players getting reported and other player gets injured
(08-20-2013, 11:32 PM)muir465 Wrote: the ball is already greatly effected by the wind what are yous all talking about making the wind effect the ball cause it already dose.

Hmmm, this isnt exactly true. Yes when I'm kicking for goal the wind does effect the trajectory, BUT.....when the AI kicks a goal it strangely has little to no effect.
Lets look at kicking off. I have seen instances where the wind has been coming strongly from my right and the ball has either gone dead straight or actually bent into the wind....go figure that one?!?!

The wind needs work.
Rugby League Ultimate team would be awesome
NRL teams to have different overall ratings instead of all teams having the same rating eg team like eels could beat storm without difficulty

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