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Rll3 Wishlist and Ideas
Sounds perfect! Like someone uploading SBW & everyone can download, upload & edit him?
yea that would be awesome as well.
going off what Ross has said in the cricket forum that is what they wanted to do in RLL2 and are doing with the cricket academy now so this will most likely be a reality for RLL3.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
^^ great to hear. i cant really wait for the next league game to arrive. just seeing this and playing rll2 knowing that the next has to get even better, maybe next gen consoles better graphics too.
1080p is enough for resolution. 720 or less definitely isn't however RLL2 does okay for 720.
Id like to see the skills/traits being only available for certain players. like in fifa has "finisher" "Speedster" "Flair" ect.

So only certain players have palm, side step, break tacle (or their takle cannot be broken) only if they had that trait. it would make it more realistic and I wouldnt see Soward palming off Inglis.
That would make it heaps more realistic
I would love some more attributes in the next game so players can be more realistic in gameplay. For example:
Finishing: Ability to score a try (N. Merrit)
Support Play: Ability to push up and support after a linebreak
Dummy half Running: Ability to get away from markers (S. Perrett)
Line Running: Ability to run effective lines (M. Aubusson)
Passing Vision: Ability to hit the right runner (J. Thurston)

One-on-One Tackles: Ability to make one on one tackles (Good for strong defensive centres/ wingers/ fullbacks)
Marker Defence: Ability to get out of marker
Groundwork/Wrestle: Ability to hold a player down longer without getting penalised (P. Gallen) and ability to get up quicker in attack (T. Mannah)

I would also like a more detailed explanation of what each stat means. Still not sure what kind of impact strength and discipline have in the game.
There should be improved training
Pre match scenes like warm up
And post match
There should match highlights
Half time show
Post match
Injury report
Editing players you should able to choose if they play country,city,nsw,qld and australia and nzl
There should be head bandages in the game
Players should be in correct position
There needs to be more than 15-30 tactics
Players have different styles of leaping like billy slater
The video ref should have different styles and there should be more referees like 20-30 and 15-20 video refs
Some should be strict and others normal
When going to the video ref they should say try or no try
There should be 8 point tries if they infringe when scoring
The passing should be different short ball
The injuries should look realistic
Ref should talk to the captain and players if they keep giving penalties

there should be different styles of chips like fullback chips its mostly going to be perfect chip but if a forward does it will be average kick
chip kick
there should be 2 types of chip kicks like 5 metres or 10-15 chip kick
there should be more big hits
the obstruction rule should be in and with the passing I like the short ball or the short quick pass and cut out pass but passing 20metres and gets incepted I think maybe it should be in the game but less incepts
there should be 2 types of bombs short bomb goes 20-30m and torpedo bomb 30-50
weather should play part in games like drop balls and slipping over and catching the ball and passing
there should blocking in the game when players go up for the ball or stop opposition to tackle the kicker they get in the way
When you get tackle you want to feel the hit like the controller shakes for a bit and show a replay of it
the referees should put players on report and if they do something illegal and depending on the referees they might sin bin , just place the player on report or send him off
with interchanges you should see them come on and off
With the injuries if the injure is serve then they should get carried off or stretched off
the injuries should be between 1-25 weeks and you should be able to get injured at training and you should get to pick your staff and coaches
in career mode you should pick the captains and if they get to be in the leadership group or captain it enhances there game
the best players play there best in big game so state of origin , city , country and world cup they play there best by doing miracle plays
in editing players some should have best kick like cooper cronk to his name or Paul gallen enforcer
there should charge downs or at least the defence can tackle the kicker

there should be more types of tackles in the game and new tackling animation like to see more big hits by players and see them get knock to the ground and cant get up or they get dazed but get tackle
types of tackles should in the game
there needs to be gang tackles in the game
lifting tackles need to be in the game because can be a good tackle way but can be bad if you do it the wrong way eg lifting in dangerous position, spear tackle, leg twisting and more
the tackler or tacklers should able to twist the opposition in the tackle and lift his arms or legs in the tackle but lifting can come at a cost if you lift him to high or dangerous position
players should be able to lift players up and put the over the sidelines
in the game if the tackler does the tackle wrong he can get injured that would cool if that was in the game eg dive tackle and head hits hip could have concussion
Aggressive tackles need to be in the game because if you do it right its a great tackle do the forwards to move them back but do it wrong and you could get sin binned or sent off and reported
shoulder charges there needs to be shoulder charges in the game but with the arm wrap around the other player and if you use aggressive button and shoulder charge it can injured players and get you sent off or sin binned and reported
ankle taps should be in the game and if use aggressive it turns into a trip
fend offs are great but if you use aggression with that then it will get the player high and get reported for striking
sliding knees or legs should in the game to stop a other player of scoring but can be bad if you use aggression then you will most like collide with other player and get reported and maybe even sin binned
late hits on kickers or players passing the ball should get penalised and put on report and maybe even sin binned if its bad or sent off

these ones are in the game and I like them most of the time
dive tackle is ok but can improve like grabbing the ankles or arms
low tackle is good but can improve too like grabbling there legs
arm pinned tackle is good but running with sprint getting high is ok but there needs to be more ways to get reported ,sin binned and sent off
reported offences
sliding knees into players
Aggressive tackles
shoulder charge
swing arms in tackles
lifting tackles in dangerous position
spear tackle
high contact to the face
late hits
swing elbows
making contact with a player in the air
What was said before about combining all sides like The U/20's, NSW Cup and 1st Grade side! Yes you have your top 25-30 players but there should be an option to pick them? Maybe an email system in Career Mode saying such an such from The Bears is playing really well, might be worth a bench spot in 1st grade in the future etc?

Classic games/scenarios mode is worth looking at? If there is a situation where colour TV wasn't invented, maybe make it in Black and White for fun? Or not? But this mode needs to be looked at!

Maybe a set moves thing like Fifa had in one year? Where you can tell players to run. You can set each one yourself and use the D-pad to select? Maybe a choice of 3 and leave the kick one in there? Set plays from scrums happen all the time! Some teams are better than others at it though.

Anytime signings must be included. Alot of player switch clubs mid season. (Career mode) The players ask for a release if denied their form drops, if denied might start bagging the coach (you) in hope of being kicked out.

Support players must be programmed different! As in the NRL if someone makes a break he'll have a couple to his left or right to draw the fullback and try time. Now in RLL2 someone makes a break the defence surrounds the line breaker and can't draw and pass! Its a classic move that been around forever and has been overlooked!

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