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Improvements and Suggestions
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AFL Live was a really great game. I feel that there could be some improvements to make the game even better.

Create a Team: With the team editor, it will be great if users could actually upload their own sponsors onto the jerseys and even upload their own team logo like what is in the current PES series. But instead of adding a full design with the sponsors. Users will have to only upload and scale the sponsors they wish to put on the team jersey. This will include the sponsors on the front, back and shorts. With the choice of inserting the AFL, NEAFL, VFL, SAFL, WAFL logos (if leagues are in the game) where it is usually placed on all jerseys. With the jersey designs, the user can see the types of designs and put a number of designs on just the one jersey. That way people can recreate the Melbourne Demons Jersey, Sydney Swans Jersey for their own created team, also with a range of different colours that the user can select.

Leagues and Teams: Like with the PES series again, Big Ant can create all leagues with custom created players. Instead of putting the Real Team names the nicknames can be put with different logos for the team and random jersey designs. The teams in the leagues can also be edited in the team editor enabling users to recreate the correct teams in the leagues with correct logos, jerseys and sponsors. Also put classic teams again like in the previous AFL Live game.

Game modes: With all the current modes insert a career mode which enables users to play a certain amount of years with the draft at the end of the year where the game automatically designs players for the draft. Inserting special matches where users can play a selection of historic matches where if completed will unlock classic teams or stadiums.

Stadiums: Have more stadiums. Please put Westpac Stadium, Blacktown Olympic Park and other stadiums which were not on the previous AFL game but were played in. Also random named ovals in the suburbs for the other league teams.

AFL Live is a good game. Hope you consider my ideas which I would like to see and I think many other users of AFL Live would also like to see in the next AFL Live video game. Big Grin
After the announcement of Rugby League Live 3, I would also suggest that the next AFL Live game have a Be A Pro Mode Wink
Good suggestions above....

I'd just like to say, even if you don't get to produce the next instalments, your version is the best and could very well remain the best AFL game ever made.

The game is amazing already, especially for a first edition. Not quite on par with EA FIFA but not far off, especially in terms of gameplay and graphics. The learning curve of the game becomes addictive once you get into it.

I would just add a few recommendations

- smoother gameplay and graphics
- instead of the ball always rolling over the boundary for a throw in, perhaps players can keep the ball inside the boundary line from time to time...
- a few more camera angles for goal replays to make it look more real time/live
- more depth of commentary and perhaps more reactive commentary.
- the ability to choose 90s era teams...
- something fun and silly like "take a speccie" mini game....

All the game needs is to be built upon in my opinion..
You should add Historic Teams like 2000 Essendon and 1999 North Melbourne, also add in a proper soundtrack using songs like centuries by fall out boy, you could add in more different jerseys like carltons m&m jumper and the carlton yellow livestrong jersey, also update the graphics and make ratings more realistic and a better career mode.

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